Saturday, February 03, 2007

Man, I can't go anywhere...

It seems like every time I leave you guys for a while, somebody goes crazy or something huge happens. Well a couple of folks went crazy and there was a tornado down in Florida.
So let's make a pact, I will try to see you guys at least twice a week.
First off, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to those folks down in Florida who lost their loved ones and all their belongings in this week's tornado.
Now I know that this is no time to be bringing this up, but, am I the only one who feels just a little disturbed at how quickly FEMA reacted? I mean, I'm glad that they've improved their reaction time, but good grief folks, there are still people in the Gulf region waiting to get approved for trailers.
OK, I'll get down from that box. Let's not go there right now.
Now on to crazy people. What is up with Joe Biden? I mean really, Obama is "clean?" I certainly hope so. I hope he doesn't show up to the Senate floor smelling like "all be damned." And "articulate?"
Note to white folks: we (people of color who speak standard English) don't find it to be a compliment when we are called articulate.
Articulate is something you would call a two year old who's vocabulary is extended beyond "no," "duice," and "mama." To call an educated person who speaks properly "articulate" is an insult to him and everyone around him. You wouldn't call your white counterparts articulate.
I've got a suggestion to those of us "articulate" people of color. The next time someone white tells you that you are articulate, smile and say, "you too." That'll shut 'em up!
And Brandy?! Poor, poor Brandy. Yes, I am coming to the defense of a celebrity. Poor thing, a family is suing her for $50 million for a wreck that she caused on a California freeway.
Just where in the name of car accidents is she supposed to get $50 million? Now we know that she put out a few CDs and appeared in a couple of TV shows and made for TV movies, but $50 million she ain't got. I am certainly no authority on how much money celebrities make but I know she ain't got $50 million.
The bottom line is had Brandy Norwood been Brandy Norris, she wouldn't be getting sued. The police would have pressed charges a lot sooner. From what is being said in the reports, she did nothing wrong - no cell phone, no drugs or alcohol. This seems like an unfortunate car accident that claimed this woman's life.
I'm sure she's already beat herself up enough over the incident and I'll bet she doesn't drive anymore either.

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