Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I don't know about you ...

... but I'm so proud of the awesome cast for "A Raisin in the Sun." They all did an outstanding job. I trust all of you have seen the black and white version starring Sidney Poiter and Ruby Dee. If you haven't make it a Blockbuster weekend and I guarantee you won't regret it.
The play was written by Lorraine Hansberry and based on the Langston Hughes poem, "A Dream Deferred." It's the story of Walter Lee Younger, a colored man who works as a chauffeur, his wife Ruth who works as a domestic, his mother Lena who is also a domestic, his sister Beneatha a college student and his son Travis.
It is a great story of struggle and perseverance and above all, keeping a family together through tough times. I just love the story. I'm glad that the producers decided to redo it so that the story will be seen by a whole new generation of folks, particularly folks of color. Don't get me wrong, I think our Caucasian counterparts should see it too because it is a great piece of work, but I think it has a deeper meaning for those people of color. Just my opinion.
Here's the trailer:

The updated version of this story boasts an all-star cast with Sean Combs, Phylicia Rashad, Sanaa Lathan and Audra McDonald. They all did a phenomenal job. I was pleasantly surprised at Puffy/Diddy/Poppa Diddy Pop. I was so looking for him to zone out on some of the scenes. I must say, he plays a very convincing a--hole.
Nah, but he did do a wonderful job of playing Walter Lee. I was also wowed by Phylicia Rashad.I must admit, I put her in a box. What do you expect? I was only used to seeing her in sitcoms until I saw "Old Settler" on PBS. I have to say, the woman is bad! I am so ready for them to put that out on DVD, it was just an awesome piece of work and I hope the Hollywood producers were paying attention to what happened last night. I haven't heard anything about the ratings but I'm sure it was highly rated after all of the promotion that was done. Plus, it was network TV's obligatory Black History Month story to be told this year.
At any rate, rent the older black and white version and then buy the newer colorized version. Shoot, buy both of 'em, I don't care as long as you see 'em.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Before I was having fun ...

... now, this mess is getting out of hand. Hillary Clinton needs to just take an "L" and go on back to the Senate. I think it is safe to say that having a dream Obama/Clinton ticket was just that - a dream. If he offers her the vice presidency, I don't think she'll take it.
That chick just doesn't know how to deal with Obama's success. My dad, one of his friends and I were talking last night and they brought a lot of perspective to it for me. They told me that it wasn't until recently that they started taking and interest in politics and it has a lot to do with the war and Obama's momentum.
We basically agreed that there are very minor differences in Obama and Clinton's stance on the issues but Obama has an edge over Clinton because he has an almost divine ability to inspire people and get them to spring into action.
I shared with them a theory I have for that. During his work in Chicago while he was trying to organize people in those neighborhoods, he spend a lot of time working with ministers and pastors whose job it is to inspire folks to make it through their week. Do you honestly think that he didn't pick up some pointers during that time?
My dad has another theory. He had to go all Biblical on me and take it to the fourth chapter of the book of Judges. It's the story of the prophetess Deborah, who was the queen of Israel, called for Barak to basically do her dirty work. She wanted him to go to war for her but he would not go unless she came along. She did go with him but warned him that he would not receive the credit he was due.
Long story short, he started out with 10,000 men, they brought 10,000 more and before you know it, he had a multitude of people behind him when he got ready to go to war.
That's deep right? My dad's point is that Obama has been ordained to do exactly what he is doing and that is to unite and mobilize people to get something done. I don't know if he's been predestined, ordained or what but I am just glad he's here.
Like everyone else who does well, Obama's got some haters. The Clintons aren't the only ones hating either. The Republicans are all over it too. They all want to see him fail. I don't know if it is because he leads, what seems like, a squeaky-clean life or if it is because he has managed to tap into an unappreciated section of the electorate. Either way, people have so much hate for him, it's oozed over to his wife, Michelle.
I'm loving Michelle Obama right now. I said a long time ago that she ought to be the one running for president anyway. She's got it going on. She's like Superwoman, Wonderwoman and Shera all rolled up into one. She's still working, making sure their kids are OK and out on the campaign trail stumping for her husband.
Apparently she's not being respected for what it is she's doing because she's not crying about it. Oh, wait, I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. She's not being emotional about it - at least not in front of the cameras.
Michelle Obama is being scrutinized now because she made this comment: "for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country — and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change."
I'm not mad at that - at all. If I had anything to be mad at her about it would be that Condoleeza-flip she's got going on with her hair, but that's minor - really, really minor.
In fact, I applaud her candid honesty and let's face it, it has been really hard to be proud of some of the things this country has done and not atoned for. I don't see what the problem was for her to say that. My whole point is if politicians want people to stop being embarrassed about America, they should stop doing crap that embarrasses us.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Today was Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union ...

... I didn't see it all but what I saw of it was really good.
Once again, Tavis Smiley out did himself with the panel. Some of the panelists included in Saturday's were Mayor Ray Nagin, Michael Eric Dyson, Cornel West, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., Bishop Paul S. Morton, Mayor Cory Booker, Donna Brazile, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and of course the outstanding Dick Gregory.
I don't think I ever blogged about him before I love me some Dick Gregory. He is one of the world's biggest conspiracy theorists but he has a lot of great points. The man has been around forever and he's never sugarcoated anything and that is so necessary right now. We are running around trying to be so politically correct about everything that everything we say is full of rhetoric. Watching him was so refreshing that I might have to go out and find everything piece of literature I can about the man.
This year's forum was held in New Orleans and of course it would not have been complete without hearing from some natives and residents who survived Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I'm glad that Smiley took the forum to N'awlins because they need all the economic boosts they can get.
I'm so ready for the feds to start putting money into the rebuilding of that city so that all those people can go back home. There really is no place like home and it's almost like those evacuees don't have a home anymore. It sucks.
Though I absolutely love the concept of the forum, you know it had to be met with all sorts of negativity. First off, Sen. Barack Obama is getting all sorts of heat about skipping the forum and the majority of it is coming from Mr. Smiley himself.
I hesitate to call Smiley a 'hater' because I think he means well, but my Uncle Charles, the Bishop, told me a long time ago that hell is going to be full of people with good intentions. I'm not saying that he shouldn't be inquisitive about the candidates, I'm saying that he is being overly critical and dare I say 'nit-picky.'
Just a few weeks ago, I applauded Smiley for questioning Obama but it kind of irks me that he's not putting the former first lady up to the same scrutiny. This chick has been seen all in the media crying, sending out attack ads and dishing out cheap shots and nobody is impressed. I know I'm not. This chick has gotten out of control with her juvenile antics. I'm just saying, she needs to grow up and learn how to function when the road gets rough.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's been a long time ...

... I shouldn't have left you ...
It feels like so long since I last talked to you guys. You know I'm not one for excuses, but I didn't have any glasses and I hade a cold. It was damn-near impossible to work and keep this up while I was down a pair of eyes and coughing and sneezing like there was no tomorrow.
But I got my new specs yesterday and I have taken all I can stand of that medicine and I'm happy to report that everything is back to normal. No blurred vision, no rain, no coughing, no sneezing. Only clear, vivid images and somewhat fresh air.
While I was temporarily blind and sick, it gave me an opportunity to catch up on much needed rest and it also gave me a chance to think. The one thing that was on my mind during these past few weeks is people who don't have health and vision insurance must be going through hell.
I was in a pinch and thankfully I do have insurance through my job but I still had to pay more than $140 toward my glasses, a $35 co-pay at Urgent Care and $30 for medication.
When you add it up, I was down about $210 may $215. I had to dip into my already stretched budget to come up with the money but at least I had it to dig into. How many folks don't have it and are going without needed vision correction and necessary medication to keep from spreading their germs to their fellow citizens?
I'll tell you, a bunch. So many folks in this country go to work everyday and they can't afford to get sick or have to get glasses or God-forbid, dental work. In fact, I didn't have health insurance until I started my first full-time job when I was 21. If I'm not mistaken, growing up, my siblings and I had Medicaid for maybe a year or two. We were dropped from the Medicaid rolls when my mom started working full-time and we were forced to go back to the mass population of the uninsured. So I know what it's like to need medical attention and be all but cut off from it.
Thankfully we live in a country where we can not be denied access to medical professionals but the sad part is the hospital bills kill you. The cost of health care, excuse me, sick care, in this country is unbelievable.
We got to do better and the first step is voting. Granted I have been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid as of late, but I implore you to vote, period. Vote for the person who has a plan, an attainable plan, to get Americans adequate health insurance so that we will be able to receive the proper care without having to go broke to do it.
Now personally, I'm for the mighty 'O' man myself. He has a plan to get all Americans, who want health care, an insurance plan as good as he and his congressional counterparts have for an affordable premium. And I can get with that. Ya'll should too.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I guess Tuesday really was super.

First off, I want you all to keep the people in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky in your prayers. In case you didn't hear, tornadoes ripped through the area known as Tornado Alley and left some people dead, a lot injured and a bunch of folks homeless.
I used to live in Tennessee and imagine my horror when I saw the university that was literally down the street from my old apartment complex ripped to shreds. Thankfully all of my friends are fine, they had no injuries and no property damage. God is so good!
Secondly, I would like to send out a very special, "Do the Dang Thang" shout out to Barack Obama. He showed naysayers all across the country that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Winning 13 of 23, I would say that the skinny man with the funny name convinced everyone that he is in fact equipped to be our nation's next president.
You know, I just can't say enough about him. Don't get me wrong, I still don't trust politicians, but there's something about Barry. He's got something that makes me think that he actually believes what he's saying and that he is going to try to make the country better.
At any rate, let's not slow down this momentum. "e have to take it to the Potomac and to Texas and North Carolina and all over the country. Yaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"
LoL, excuse me and my Howard Dean flashback. I'm just so excited about Barack. The man is going places. Let's just hope one of his stops is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C., for the next eight years.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Super Fat Tuesday !!!

There's so much going on today that I expect you to see either several posts or several updates throughout the day.
First of all, today is Fat Tuesday and I want all of my folks down in the Big Easy to have a good time and be safe. I trust that all of the visitors have either already voted or they sent in absentee ballots for their respective state's primary elections.
Today is the day that will potentially decide who the presidential candidates will be. That's right people, it is "Super Tuesday," the biggest primary in U.S. History. Exactly 23 states and American Samoa will be going to the polls to cast their vote for their favorite presidential candidate.
The Democrats are down to two candidates, Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama while the GOP is down to three, former Sen. John McCain and former Govs. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Mike Huckabee from Arkansas.
It seems that all of the big name endorsements came in last week or the week before. Obama and Clinton have split the Kennedys, McCain has picked up the endorsements of former candidates. In the spirit of endorsements, I did something I swore I wasn't going to do until later, I officially endorsed a candidate and I did it on someone else's blog and I apologize for that.
I announced it while responding to a post at my classmate Eb the Celeb's Renaissance Black Woman.
Since some of you may not go to her spot, I officially endorsed Sen. Barack Obama. Between you, me and everyone else in Cyber Space, I was leaning toward him all along but I didn't want to say that. I was trying my best to stay as neutral as possible but Clinton pushed me over the edge.
At any rate, I think these primaries will yield interesting results.