Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is it just me ...

... or is Santa a pimp? For real, think about it.
What kind of man do you know who wears a red velvet suit with fur around the collar and a matching hat? The only thing that kind of throws him off a little bit is his shoes are black.
And, what kind of man could convince a small cadre of people to do all the work and he get all the credit? And what does he say when he's flying through the air?
Ho, ho, ho.
That's not a laugh, that's how he calls his chicks. He doesn't have a funny horn that plays La Cucaracha, he's got jingle bells. And where else do you think he gets all the money to buys all them doggone presents? That stuff is expensive
I'll telling ya'll man, Santa is a pimp.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is it '08 yet?

I am not one to rush time, but could 2008 please hurry and get here? Let's get somebody in the White House who will actually be able to do something besides get people killed.
Ya'll's president told reporters that it is al-Qaeda who is responsible for all of the violence in Iraq. I guess it doesn't have anything to do with American troops being over there to boost his ego.
And what is going on with NYPD? It seems like once a year some of these guys find a way to kill a minority without reason. And the sad thing is, it is spreading down south because Atlanta Police killed an elderly lady in her own home.
I am disgusted.
In case you haven't heard, NYPD managed to kill a 23-year-old man on his wedding day. The beat up part is one officer fired 31 rounds and 19 more came from other officers. Why in the world would an officer empty two magazines into one car?
I guess the Diallo fiasco taught them nothing. This is precisely the reason that people do not respect the police. Granted all of them are not bad guys, but the ones who are do more to tarnish the badge than the good ones do to uphold it.
I sincerely hope that the families of this slain man and woman get the justice they deserve and the officers at fault get the punishment they deserve.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Should we care?

... that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are finally married? I don't think so, but apparently my media counterparts do.
Personally, I think we have bigger fish to fry. Like Michael Richards going on a tirade shouting out racial epithets at black people in the audience of a comedy club he played this weekend. There is footage at of him getting upset at some hecklers.
I guess now, his rep will issue a statement saying that he was drunk and Seinfeld and the fat hairy guy will go on Larry King and talk about a drinking problem that he's had forever and how he's not really a racist.
I hope this incident will be used as a teaching tool for why WE should stop using the word. To be completely honest, I was more disgusted than I was offended. I am not going to go down that road again.
In crazy negro news, what is up with O.J.? Is it not enough that he already beat the system. Even black folks are starting to look at him like, "now you're going too far." The new book is supposed to be a "fictitious" account of what happened. LoL!!! And he couldn't have come up with any other name except, "If I did it." He is really pushing it.
"The Man" is not gonna keep letting him get away with this stuff. He got away, Michael Jackson got away, now that's enough. These black male celebrities had better watch out, if they so much as steal an ice cream sandwich, they are going to put them under the jail.
Also in crazy negro news, two black kids down in Florida got arrested for posting a fight between two 6-year-olds on their MySpace pages. (I have closed my eyes and shaken my head.)
OK, how many of us weren't made to fight our brothers and sisters or cousins around our age? None of us right? OK, so, was anybody videotaped and put on the Internet for all the world to see? No? I didn't think so.
I know this ain't right, but it happens. We fight at home so we can learn to defend ourselves in the world. It ain't right, but it happens. The problem came in with these computer savvy, crazy a-- negroes who deemed it necessary to put it on the Internet.
This is a clear-cut case of being arrested for stupidity. I am not even sure of the charge, but the two were booked and one of the fools was on TV smiling like he was supposed to escorted by the cops to a patrol car.
I tell you people, I am worried. We seem to be getting dumber by the minute.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Continued ...

In semi-local news here in N.C., the good ol' church folks at the Baptist State Convention of NC voted to cut ties with any church that opens its doors to openly gay parishioners. Now there's a church group who's doing the Lord's work. That'll really bring in the sinners. (I hope you got my sarcasm.) I thought the idea behind church is to bring in those folks who are not in right relationship with Christ. This whole policy and everyone who voted for it has excluded people from the Lord's house. The problem behind that is the people at that conference are not in a position to exclude anyone or to leave them out. Church folk are so busy getting caught up in the politics of religion that they have eliminated the message of Christianity. As far as I am concerned, I believe that Christ himself would not be eliminating anyone from His home or His kingdom. All of these people have taken the Bible and twisted and taken parts that fit their own personal agendas. If they would stop and realize what they are doing and read ALL of the word. None of us are supposed to sit in judgement of each other because that is not our place. You know, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw things. Each and everyone of those people who voted for this anti-gay policy in the church did so to turn attention away from themselves. Like one sin somehow outweighs another. A word to the wise, a person who lies and a person who kills will burn in the same Hell if they don't confess and give their life to Christ. OK, I'll get down off my soap box now.
Oh, before I forget, Bill Gates says that the U.S. education system needs work. Really? I hadn't noticed. I want to know how well folks expected the education system to be if the legislators keep taking money from it to put into the defense fund for a war that we shouldn't be fighting anyway. Dang, I'm up here again.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sorry it's been a minute

But ya'll know work has got a chick stretched out like the dog on the Greyhound bus. Anyway, events in the last week have almost left me speechless - almost.
First and foremost, my deepest condolences to the families of Ed Bradley and Gerald Levert. These are two guys from two different places who had huge impacts in the world and they will be sorely missed.
With that said, what's wrong with Kevin Federline (or K-Fed or my personal fave Fed-Ex)? That fool is trying to get sole custody of those kids. Poor children, they would be going from bad to worse. At least if they stay with their mom they'll get fed everyday.
I'm not saying that Fed-Ex won't feed them, I'm saying that he can't feed them. There aren't too many people hiring for background dancers. Times are tough, everybody's downsizing. With the way the economy is going, I wouldn't be surprised if record companies stop signing artists who can't dance.
Let's be honest, being married to the crown princess of white trash is what got him his record deal in the first place. It's not like he's been to hell and back and can write raps that people can relate to. The only people K-Fed can relate to are those spoiled white kids whose parents stopped their allowances.
And last, not sure whether or not least, who in the name of all that is holy is Borat? This fool has been all over the news in the last two weeks and I have yet to see the movie. I'm not sure if I want to.
A few people are attempting to sue the actor and the studio because they were videotaped while they were drunk and they feel that they were misrepresented. Yea right Pal! Since when do drunk people do stuff they don't mean?
I've been drunk quite a few times and not once have I ever done something that I wouldn't consider doing sober. The difference between the two is, alcohol gives you courage. Odds are you said drunk, the way you actually feel sober.
The saying around where I'm from is, "a drunk mouth speaks a sober heart."That's why people are so pissed at Mel Gibson. People are using the whole "I was drunk" defense way too much. They are giving alcohol a bad name and I'm tired of it!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ding dong the witches are dead ...

Well, not really, nobody got hurt, physically, but the republicans did get their egos hurt. In case you live under a rock, democrats have risen to the occasion and now control the house for the U.S. Congress. Half the battle is already won now let's see if we can get them to do something worthwhile.
To their defense, they already got the not-so-Honorable Mr. Rumsfeld to resign. I hope impeachment is next. Let's be honest, Clinton got impeached for far less than what Bush has been up to.
In entertainment news, one of the hottest comedians in the country right now, Katt Williams was arrested on charges of possession of a stolen firearm. And get this, he tried to get it through airport security in his carry on luggage. I gotta ask what he was thinking.
Jawn Murray was on the TJMS this morning and said that Williams could possibly be trying to gain some street cred because he is the host of the BET "Hip Hop" Awards. And, this dude is trying to be a rapper.
Don't believe me? Go to his Web site, and listen to the track playing when it pops up. It's Katt and Cam'ron. Katt is a Diplomat now. Hmmmmmm. I shouldn't even touch this, but I will.
What went off in this negro's head to say, "Hey, I am going to get a felony gun charge to gain street credibility so that people will buy my album and accept me in the "hip hop" community. I know they are used to seeing me be silly, but I think I proved that I can rap while I was on Wild N' Out."
I just hate it for him when he gets locked up. I don't know for sure, but I don't think petite men with relaxed hair do too well in prison.
Britney Spears is now a free woman, she is divorcing her husband and I am not exactly surprised. I just hope homegirl was smart enough to chant the ever so famous, "We want prenup, we want prenup ..." She has to be the poster child of why you don't marry the help.
This had to be the most shiftless dude to ever play second fiddle to a female superstar. At least Bobby tried to work, nobody wanted him to. I just want somebody to find out which McDonald's Shar Jackson is working for so they can get a comment and find out what she's going to do for child support now.
OK, that was wrong, but c'mon folks, ya'll know she had to get a regular job.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Has it been two weeks already?

Apparently so, because another republican has been outed.
I love it, I absolutely, positively love it when bigoted hypocrites are brought to light.
The newest one happens to be the Right Rev. Ted Haggard. I don't know how right he is, but this dude is a preacher in Denver with a big ol' congregation, telling all his folks to oppose gay marriage and I'm sure telling them how wrong it is to be gay.
A male prostitute has come forward saying that he was paid $200 a month for the past three years in exchange for sexual favors with the Right Reverend and he saw him sniff meth.
Anybody else find this hilarious?
So, later this afternoon, the Rever-rend admitted that he solicited a "massage" from this prostitute and to add some more fuel to the fire, the dude has admitted to buying meth (or crank or ice), but he said that he didn't use it.
He was tempted, but he didn't do it. Sound familiar anyone? At least Billy Boy admitted being a pothead, this guy won't even admit that he used.
A massage? He couldn't have come up with anything better than that? Prayer meeting? Bible study? Outreach? Anything other than a massage. Talk about laying hands on a wayward soul (thanks Wendy). I bet those hands had some oil on 'em too, and it wasn't exactly anointed either.
Anyway, while I'm glad he's been exposed, but let's put the cameras and the reporters back on actual stories. How many soldiers died in Iraq in the last month? Shoot, how many died this month? Are we any closer to finding Bin?
I say fuhget Haggard, let's expose the real hypocrites, like Bush and 'nem. C'mon ya'll, if we don't buy it, they won't sell it. Think about it!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's about that time

November One means only one thing, the beginning of basketball season. I love this game. I love football and everything, but a girl can only take so many crazy T.O. and concussion stories. It's time for crazy basketball player and technical foul stories.
And what better way to begin than the Miami Heat getting blown out by the Chicago Bulls. Technically it was last night but it is still a mess. I don't know what the freak was going through the minds of the Heat's players when they were taking those crazy shots all willy nilly.
Now I know the Heat players were all excited about getting their rings and everything but they should have focused at least a little bit on the game.
And what's up with those D. Wade Converse commercials? Could they have made him look any darker or shinier? Look at his lips in that commercial, he looks like he's been eating fried chicken and biscuits with a whole lot of butter on 'em.
And ya'll, I must address this with all jokes aside. Who in their right minds invented this NiggaSpace Web site? That has to be the most offensive Web site I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of Web sites.
I have visited this site and apparently it is supposed to function like MySpace. But this is no space anyone should want to be a part of. Rumor has it that this site is the brain child of some rich white folks and it is supposed to show how the word nigger/nigga has become a term of endearment.
Speaking as a black person who knows the origin of the word, it doesn't seem very endearing. It is offensive and I, for one, am offended.
For those of you who think that the word nigger means ignorant, let me give you a little history lesson laced with some linguistics. The word nigger is derived from the Latin word nigre which means black. Some where around the 1700s, some southern slave owner got a hold of the word and butchered it and it derived into the racial slur that it is.
Doesn't seem very endearing does it? Don't believe me, look it up.
With that said, I can not stand the word, I detest it and I don't want anyone to use it in my presence. I think it is high time that we stop using it in our music, in our speech and anywhere else. It is flat out inappropriate and I'm sick of it.