Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is it '08 yet?

I am not one to rush time, but could 2008 please hurry and get here? Let's get somebody in the White House who will actually be able to do something besides get people killed.
Ya'll's president told reporters that it is al-Qaeda who is responsible for all of the violence in Iraq. I guess it doesn't have anything to do with American troops being over there to boost his ego.
And what is going on with NYPD? It seems like once a year some of these guys find a way to kill a minority without reason. And the sad thing is, it is spreading down south because Atlanta Police killed an elderly lady in her own home.
I am disgusted.
In case you haven't heard, NYPD managed to kill a 23-year-old man on his wedding day. The beat up part is one officer fired 31 rounds and 19 more came from other officers. Why in the world would an officer empty two magazines into one car?
I guess the Diallo fiasco taught them nothing. This is precisely the reason that people do not respect the police. Granted all of them are not bad guys, but the ones who are do more to tarnish the badge than the good ones do to uphold it.
I sincerely hope that the families of this slain man and woman get the justice they deserve and the officers at fault get the punishment they deserve.

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