Sunday, November 19, 2006

Should we care?

... that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are finally married? I don't think so, but apparently my media counterparts do.
Personally, I think we have bigger fish to fry. Like Michael Richards going on a tirade shouting out racial epithets at black people in the audience of a comedy club he played this weekend. There is footage at of him getting upset at some hecklers.
I guess now, his rep will issue a statement saying that he was drunk and Seinfeld and the fat hairy guy will go on Larry King and talk about a drinking problem that he's had forever and how he's not really a racist.
I hope this incident will be used as a teaching tool for why WE should stop using the word. To be completely honest, I was more disgusted than I was offended. I am not going to go down that road again.
In crazy negro news, what is up with O.J.? Is it not enough that he already beat the system. Even black folks are starting to look at him like, "now you're going too far." The new book is supposed to be a "fictitious" account of what happened. LoL!!! And he couldn't have come up with any other name except, "If I did it." He is really pushing it.
"The Man" is not gonna keep letting him get away with this stuff. He got away, Michael Jackson got away, now that's enough. These black male celebrities had better watch out, if they so much as steal an ice cream sandwich, they are going to put them under the jail.
Also in crazy negro news, two black kids down in Florida got arrested for posting a fight between two 6-year-olds on their MySpace pages. (I have closed my eyes and shaken my head.)
OK, how many of us weren't made to fight our brothers and sisters or cousins around our age? None of us right? OK, so, was anybody videotaped and put on the Internet for all the world to see? No? I didn't think so.
I know this ain't right, but it happens. We fight at home so we can learn to defend ourselves in the world. It ain't right, but it happens. The problem came in with these computer savvy, crazy a-- negroes who deemed it necessary to put it on the Internet.
This is a clear-cut case of being arrested for stupidity. I am not even sure of the charge, but the two were booked and one of the fools was on TV smiling like he was supposed to escorted by the cops to a patrol car.
I tell you people, I am worried. We seem to be getting dumber by the minute.

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field negro said...

I will answer that for you Tifanny; no we shouldn't care. But hey, this is America for you, so caught up in the wrong stuff, while real serious s*** is going on!