Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ding dong the witches are dead ...

Well, not really, nobody got hurt, physically, but the republicans did get their egos hurt. In case you live under a rock, democrats have risen to the occasion and now control the house for the U.S. Congress. Half the battle is already won now let's see if we can get them to do something worthwhile.
To their defense, they already got the not-so-Honorable Mr. Rumsfeld to resign. I hope impeachment is next. Let's be honest, Clinton got impeached for far less than what Bush has been up to.
In entertainment news, one of the hottest comedians in the country right now, Katt Williams was arrested on charges of possession of a stolen firearm. And get this, he tried to get it through airport security in his carry on luggage. I gotta ask what he was thinking.
Jawn Murray was on the TJMS this morning and said that Williams could possibly be trying to gain some street cred because he is the host of the BET "Hip Hop" Awards. And, this dude is trying to be a rapper.
Don't believe me? Go to his Web site, and listen to the track playing when it pops up. It's Katt and Cam'ron. Katt is a Diplomat now. Hmmmmmm. I shouldn't even touch this, but I will.
What went off in this negro's head to say, "Hey, I am going to get a felony gun charge to gain street credibility so that people will buy my album and accept me in the "hip hop" community. I know they are used to seeing me be silly, but I think I proved that I can rap while I was on Wild N' Out."
I just hate it for him when he gets locked up. I don't know for sure, but I don't think petite men with relaxed hair do too well in prison.
Britney Spears is now a free woman, she is divorcing her husband and I am not exactly surprised. I just hope homegirl was smart enough to chant the ever so famous, "We want prenup, we want prenup ..." She has to be the poster child of why you don't marry the help.
This had to be the most shiftless dude to ever play second fiddle to a female superstar. At least Bobby tried to work, nobody wanted him to. I just want somebody to find out which McDonald's Shar Jackson is working for so they can get a comment and find out what she's going to do for child support now.
OK, that was wrong, but c'mon folks, ya'll know she had to get a regular job.

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Anonymous said...

I'm mad you got Char Jackson working at a McDonalds. I heard she was getting like 30,000/month and Britney was paying it all. What do you think happened to those 2? I think Bobby cheated on Whitney. But why in the heck would Kevin cheat on Brit, he doesn't have enough invested in the relationship to be messing up this early.
But I love your blog, thanks for keeping me awake during my long days at work.