Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is it just me ...

... or is Santa a pimp? For real, think about it.
What kind of man do you know who wears a red velvet suit with fur around the collar and a matching hat? The only thing that kind of throws him off a little bit is his shoes are black.
And, what kind of man could convince a small cadre of people to do all the work and he get all the credit? And what does he say when he's flying through the air?
Ho, ho, ho.
That's not a laugh, that's how he calls his chicks. He doesn't have a funny horn that plays La Cucaracha, he's got jingle bells. And where else do you think he gets all the money to buys all them doggone presents? That stuff is expensive
I'll telling ya'll man, Santa is a pimp.

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Anonymous said...

You're right. Santa and Papa Smurf are pimps. If you can remember Papa Smurf was the only Smurf to wear Red too. And Papa Smurf was a drug dealer. Who else in the world spends there time making magic potions. And everyone in the village would always come to Papa Smurf to get a hit.
But Papa Smurf only had one Ho, Smurfette. How was she one of the only women there in the village with all those men?