Thursday, December 28, 2006

And another thing ...

why is it that Dreamgirls is playing in so few theaters around the country? It's not playing at all in my home county nor in the county where I reside now. I had to drive 40 minutes away to see it. And maybe, just maybe, it only made $9 million because it was sold out everywhere. Maybe if it was in more theaters, then more people would have gone to see it!

Lemme just say ...

this year's holiday movies were the best!
I am so impressed with The Pursuit of Happyness and Dreamgirls that I am going to pay to see them both again. OK, well - maybe not - but I am going to buy them once they're on DVD.
Will and Jaden Smith did an awesome job with this drama. I am really impressed that he was able to do a movie without being silly. I am now convinced that this man is a true actor.
He was able to take the story of a man who was a part of the working poor and make it appeal to an audience that crosses all racial and economic barriers.
The movie was just good from start to finish.
And Dreamgirls ... oh ... my ... Gawd!!!
If Jennifer Hudson does not receive any awards for her portrayal of Effie White, I will personally launch a petition that keeps every single awards show from being aired on any television station for the rest of my life! That girl is fierce!!!
I don't understand why Beyonce is getting all the acclaim for her role as Dena Jones. She was good, I am not disputing that, but she's had a few crappy movies to prepare for it. I digress.
Anyway, I disagree that Jennifer Hudson stole the movie because it implies that someone else had it first. No one in Hollywood, not even Robi Reed, could have cast this movie better than that. The acting was not terrible and the music was OFF THE CHAIN!!!.
Honestly, I was prepared to be let down because of the star power behind this movie. Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Anika Noni Rose, Danny Glover, Dawnn Lewis, Jaleel White (Urkel) and a host of other stars, past and present, had roles both small and large in this movie. Every other movie that has a lot of stars in it is usually a let down. Case in point, Kingdom Come, what were they thinking?
If you can get through the first 15 minutes of the movie without picturing Eddie Murphy singing "Party All the Time," you will love it. That is of course if you understand that you are going to see a musical. Keep in mind that a musical means there will be music throughout the film.
Of course I had to go to the ghetto showing of the film where some of my people had to question, out loud, why they keep singing in the movie.
A little background, the movie Dreamgirls is based on a Broadway musical of the same name that starred Jennifer Holiday, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Loretta Devine. Devine also had a small cameo in the movie.
Long story short, go see both movies - at regular price, not matinee - you will absolutely love them both and get your money's worth.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah ...

to you and yours. Since it is so close to the holidays, I wanted to give you guys one last post before I take to kitchen and the dinner table at home. I want to urge you guys to be safe and to be careful and to have a good time.
With that said, of course, you know I have to speak on your girl Rosie, and I don't mean Perez. Rosie O'Donnell has found a new enemy in Donald "You're Fired" Trump. With yesterday's press conference that allowed a drunken and drug using, irresponsible person to continue to represent the country as Miss America, O'Donnell took it upon herself to talk about Trump and how he was not a "self-made" man and the two continue to trade insults today.
I am just amazed at how far the immaturity is reaching over from the world of sports. Before you know it, competing insurance salesmen will be running around cities calling each other "doody heads," and telling each other that they have "cooties."
Gatekeepers, editors and anyone else who determines what news we get first, STOP PUTTING THIS CRAP ABOVE THE FOLD and STOP MAKING IT YOUR TOP STORY!!!
OK, I'm done with that now.
Last but certainly not least, since I know a lot of you guys will be traveling, please remember to take your precious cargo, i.e. your children and grandchildren, through the regular metal detector when you fly.
Some woman out in California "mistakenly" put her month-old grandchild through the airport x-ray machine. Maybe I'm going to hell, but I thought that was funny. Anyone who has ever flown knows that they have you doing so much stuff when you get up to the metal detectors that you just say screw it and put everything on the rollers.
I'm sure they told her to put all her bags on the rollers so they could put them through the machine. And she did, baby and all. The baby was laying on top of the carry on luggage. LoL!!! That is just funny to me. That baby must have been sleeping so good, I mean not a "coo" or anything.
Just please, before you get ready to walk through the medal detector, count your kids.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In case you haven't heard ...

multi-million dollar man Allen Iverson has finally been traded. He's going to the mile-high city to join the Nuggets. Of course this comes after a staggering 15-game suspension for the Nuggets golden boy, Carmelo Anthony. Let's see how this works out. There are way too many egos involved here.
T.O. got fined $35,000 for spitting on another player. Let me just say this, ugh, and secondly that is just childish. But then again, I guess he's just going along with recent events - the Knicks start fighting when they lose and Mike Vick flips people the bird. Please tell me I am not the only one who is tired of these spoiled athletes acting like children.
That's the problem with these athletes, they have been spoiled for too long just because they can play a sport. I think it's time that these professional teams hire a team mama. That's right, a team mama. That way, when these guys start acting like fools, the team mama will come out of nowhere like a ninja with the biggest belt and/or switch you've ever seen in your life.
There ain't nothing wrong with these guys that a good ole' country beatin' can't cure.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

BasketBRAWL ...

This time it was in New York. The Knicks against the Nuggets at the Garden. A little over a minute left, the Nuggets are up by 23 points. All of a sudden, Mardy Collins of the Knicks committed a flagrant foul because he didn't want to have another player to dunk on him. So he grabbed him in mid-jump and threw him to the hardwood.
Since when do they tackle in basketball?
This is simply a case of a sore loser. And while we're on the subject of losers, who is Mardy Collins and why is his name not spelled with a 'T'?
How often do coaches tell their players to exercise good sportsmanship and good conduct? Whatever happened to taking one for the team? None of this would have escalated the way it did had Collins exercised good sportsmanship and the other guy, J.R. Smith, would have just walked away and cooled off. He could have simply taken his two shots and sat down somewhere.
This is so sad. Sad and pitiful. These men are paid un-Godly amounts of money to play basketball - basketball people. Where are their mamas?
I especially want to know where Carmelo Anthony's mama was. I am pretty sure she didn't teach him to hit people and run. That was a punk a-- move. I don't even think he threw a punch, I think he windmilled somebody and then ran.
If you're gonna fight, be a man about it!
At least Ron Artest ran to get the people who were trying to get him, this dude ran away. I don't know if he and LaLa from MTV are still together, but if they are, at least she knows now that he can't fight for her honor.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Is it just me ...

or should President Bush take advantage of the Employee Assistance Program and go lie horizontal on a psychiatrist's couch, preferably someone like Dr. Phil?
The man is delusional. Even after yesterday's report, he thinks that we can win the war. The man has been quoted saying that our guys "will prevail." Somebody e-mail the president and let him know that we've already lost.
Just yesterday, we lost 11 more troops. Which brings the grand total to about 2,919 since 2003. That does not even to begin to include the thousands who have been wounded physically and mentally. When will it end?
But on a brighter note, the jackass has finally admitted that, "It's bad in Iraq." Well no s---, Sherlock. I don't know what is better, his hindsight or his ability to deflect questions. At a press conference, a reporter asked him when he'd start to make decisions on implementing the changes detailed in the report. He says that there are still studies being conducted.
OK, it's my turn to e-mail the president now to tell him that things don't go so well when he studies. Look at how college turned out for him. And get this ya'll, now he's planned a 'major speech.'
Everybody say it with me now, "So."
The last thing we want to see is this imbecile on TV, interrupting "Ugly Betty" or "Grey's Anatomy" to tell us what we already know. "The war is bad and I don't know how to fix it."
I am just tired folks. Tired.
But hey, I have some good news. Mary J. Blige got nominated for eight Grammys this time around. I am so happy and proud for her. She deserves all the due she's getting this time around.
And in crazy negro news, Eddie Murphy is denying that he is the father of Mel B.'s baby. For those of you who have a short musical attention span, Mel B., used to be Scary Spice, i.e. the only sista in the Spice Girls.
The two dated for a hot minute and split a little over a month ago, shortly after Mel announced her pregnancy to the world. Now, I am hoping that Eddie didn't leave just because Mel is preggors, but somehow, I am not surprised.
The man just got out of a 13-year marriage where he had five children and then he and the Spice Girl started dating. I am guessing that he didn't want to do the family thing so soon. But hey don't worry about him, he's dating Babyface's ex, Tracey Edmonds who has two kids of her own.
Seeing as how Tracey and Eddie both just left marriages, she and her ex were also married for 13 years, I seriously doubt that they'd both be trying to rush into another family. I have a great idea, if Eddie would just use a condom, he wouldn't have to go that route again.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hold up! Time out! Flag on the play!

What is wrong with 50 Cent? Other than the fact that he can't open his mouth and talk to people.
This fool is quoted in Elle magazine saying that Oprah has become one of the middle age white women her show is geared toward. He can't be serious.
I guess he wants to get on her show to tell about how he got shot nine times and how well his music is doing and how great of an actor he is and how he hates every rapper that doesn't lick his behind.
Oh and he's got a co-signer too in Ice Cube. Cube is talking about how she's had rapists and lying authors on the show and how he got slighted.
They will probably take my colored card for this too, but I don't care and newsflash, neither does Oprah. That woman is richer than both of those guys combined and they will never ever, ever, ever have the impact that she has had on America.
Now they might hold a small demographic of people for a couple of years, but this woman, this black woman has managed to influence multiple generations of women and gay guys for more than 20 years and will continue do so for as long as she wants to.
How dare 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson, crack his lips to let anything seep out in an attempt to regulate what that woman puts on her show? You don't see anybody in the studio while he's writing the same song 50-11 times trying to tell him what to put in it.
All this is a case of "why won't she let me be on her show?" He is just whining like little boys do. He needs to go somewhere and sit down and let somebody pry his jaw open.
He must have a CD coming out or something. Every time he gets ready to put out a CD he has to attack whomever is in the media. The last time it was Kanye West, a past Oprah show guest, before that it was Game, before that it was Ja Rule and whomever else he wanted to declare war on.
I want America to see him for what he is and that is a media whore. He will do anything to get media attention and my silly counterparts and gatekeepers are playing right into it. So take a bow Mr. Jackson, you have again succeeded in bringing attention to yourself for the sake of album sales.
May all your work be downloaded and pirated.

Monday, December 04, 2006

As if it couldn't get worse ...

Britney Spears is hanging out with Paris Hilton. But that ain't the bad part, these ladies have decided to take up pole dancing. OK, this must now stop. Ms. Spears is bordering on the crazy. Nobody hangs out with Paris Hilton, not even her pets.
Ya'll remember when her dog ran away? What about when that monkey thing bit her? I think Britney is going to realize that it is something about Paris that even animals can't overlook, and they're animals.
And in more sad and outrageous news involving our law enforcement, cops in Wilmington, N.C., shot and killed an 18-year-old over a freakin' PlayStation 3. You read right, a PS3. This is ridiculous - a video game people.
First off, the kid was suspected of stealing two PS3s from UNCW students. The kid was a student at Cape Fear Community College. Now, the police were investigating this kid and another student and that led police to bust through the front door. Again, over a video game console.
Whether these kids stole these PS3s is a moot point, the real issue is the fact that the consoles were considered property and I don't recall any police breaking down doors to recover stolen TVs, jewelry or PS2s. So why is this different?
The Associated Press quoted the New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey saying, "If this boy would’ve come to the door, opened the door, we probably wouldn’t be talking." The man said that to the press. Again I say, over a d--- video game!!!
Where is the justice in that? You stole video game consoles so we're going to shoot you? The kid's roommate was quoted saying that the kid was unarmed but may have had a video game controller in his hand.
Now I'm not the most intelligent person in the world, but I am kinda smart and I am guessing that if we suspect this kid has stolen a PS3, the hottest console on the market, he is going to play with it. If it was suspected that he had a gun in his hand, why not follow protocol and tell him to drop the weapon - before you shoot. Just a suggestion.
And to top it all off, they shot the kid's dog. Now what did the dog have to do with anything? He can't play the game because he ain't got no thumbs!!! He can't use the L3 or R3 controls. I am outdone.
And I have to say something about Danny DeVito. Come on now, doesn't that little fella look like he can put away some drinks? I, for one, am not surprised he showed up at The View a lil' sauced. Since Star left I almost have to drink to watch the show, let alone be around those heifers.
Come on, ya'll know it has become The Rosie O'Donnell Show with four sidekicks. I'm just saying, DeVito could have very well gone out with George Clooney the night before and gotten a little tipsy, but he had a good reason to go to the show drunk.