Sunday, December 17, 2006

BasketBRAWL ...

This time it was in New York. The Knicks against the Nuggets at the Garden. A little over a minute left, the Nuggets are up by 23 points. All of a sudden, Mardy Collins of the Knicks committed a flagrant foul because he didn't want to have another player to dunk on him. So he grabbed him in mid-jump and threw him to the hardwood.
Since when do they tackle in basketball?
This is simply a case of a sore loser. And while we're on the subject of losers, who is Mardy Collins and why is his name not spelled with a 'T'?
How often do coaches tell their players to exercise good sportsmanship and good conduct? Whatever happened to taking one for the team? None of this would have escalated the way it did had Collins exercised good sportsmanship and the other guy, J.R. Smith, would have just walked away and cooled off. He could have simply taken his two shots and sat down somewhere.
This is so sad. Sad and pitiful. These men are paid un-Godly amounts of money to play basketball - basketball people. Where are their mamas?
I especially want to know where Carmelo Anthony's mama was. I am pretty sure she didn't teach him to hit people and run. That was a punk a-- move. I don't even think he threw a punch, I think he windmilled somebody and then ran.
If you're gonna fight, be a man about it!
At least Ron Artest ran to get the people who were trying to get him, this dude ran away. I don't know if he and LaLa from MTV are still together, but if they are, at least she knows now that he can't fight for her honor.

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