Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah ...

to you and yours. Since it is so close to the holidays, I wanted to give you guys one last post before I take to kitchen and the dinner table at home. I want to urge you guys to be safe and to be careful and to have a good time.
With that said, of course, you know I have to speak on your girl Rosie, and I don't mean Perez. Rosie O'Donnell has found a new enemy in Donald "You're Fired" Trump. With yesterday's press conference that allowed a drunken and drug using, irresponsible person to continue to represent the country as Miss America, O'Donnell took it upon herself to talk about Trump and how he was not a "self-made" man and the two continue to trade insults today.
I am just amazed at how far the immaturity is reaching over from the world of sports. Before you know it, competing insurance salesmen will be running around cities calling each other "doody heads," and telling each other that they have "cooties."
Gatekeepers, editors and anyone else who determines what news we get first, STOP PUTTING THIS CRAP ABOVE THE FOLD and STOP MAKING IT YOUR TOP STORY!!!
OK, I'm done with that now.
Last but certainly not least, since I know a lot of you guys will be traveling, please remember to take your precious cargo, i.e. your children and grandchildren, through the regular metal detector when you fly.
Some woman out in California "mistakenly" put her month-old grandchild through the airport x-ray machine. Maybe I'm going to hell, but I thought that was funny. Anyone who has ever flown knows that they have you doing so much stuff when you get up to the metal detectors that you just say screw it and put everything on the rollers.
I'm sure they told her to put all her bags on the rollers so they could put them through the machine. And she did, baby and all. The baby was laying on top of the carry on luggage. LoL!!! That is just funny to me. That baby must have been sleeping so good, I mean not a "coo" or anything.
Just please, before you get ready to walk through the medal detector, count your kids.

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