Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hold up! Time out! Flag on the play!

What is wrong with 50 Cent? Other than the fact that he can't open his mouth and talk to people.
This fool is quoted in Elle magazine saying that Oprah has become one of the middle age white women her show is geared toward. He can't be serious.
I guess he wants to get on her show to tell about how he got shot nine times and how well his music is doing and how great of an actor he is and how he hates every rapper that doesn't lick his behind.
Oh and he's got a co-signer too in Ice Cube. Cube is talking about how she's had rapists and lying authors on the show and how he got slighted.
They will probably take my colored card for this too, but I don't care and newsflash, neither does Oprah. That woman is richer than both of those guys combined and they will never ever, ever, ever have the impact that she has had on America.
Now they might hold a small demographic of people for a couple of years, but this woman, this black woman has managed to influence multiple generations of women and gay guys for more than 20 years and will continue do so for as long as she wants to.
How dare 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson, crack his lips to let anything seep out in an attempt to regulate what that woman puts on her show? You don't see anybody in the studio while he's writing the same song 50-11 times trying to tell him what to put in it.
All this is a case of "why won't she let me be on her show?" He is just whining like little boys do. He needs to go somewhere and sit down and let somebody pry his jaw open.
He must have a CD coming out or something. Every time he gets ready to put out a CD he has to attack whomever is in the media. The last time it was Kanye West, a past Oprah show guest, before that it was Game, before that it was Ja Rule and whomever else he wanted to declare war on.
I want America to see him for what he is and that is a media whore. He will do anything to get media attention and my silly counterparts and gatekeepers are playing right into it. So take a bow Mr. Jackson, you have again succeeded in bringing attention to yourself for the sake of album sales.
May all your work be downloaded and pirated.

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