Thursday, December 07, 2006

Is it just me ...

or should President Bush take advantage of the Employee Assistance Program and go lie horizontal on a psychiatrist's couch, preferably someone like Dr. Phil?
The man is delusional. Even after yesterday's report, he thinks that we can win the war. The man has been quoted saying that our guys "will prevail." Somebody e-mail the president and let him know that we've already lost.
Just yesterday, we lost 11 more troops. Which brings the grand total to about 2,919 since 2003. That does not even to begin to include the thousands who have been wounded physically and mentally. When will it end?
But on a brighter note, the jackass has finally admitted that, "It's bad in Iraq." Well no s---, Sherlock. I don't know what is better, his hindsight or his ability to deflect questions. At a press conference, a reporter asked him when he'd start to make decisions on implementing the changes detailed in the report. He says that there are still studies being conducted.
OK, it's my turn to e-mail the president now to tell him that things don't go so well when he studies. Look at how college turned out for him. And get this ya'll, now he's planned a 'major speech.'
Everybody say it with me now, "So."
The last thing we want to see is this imbecile on TV, interrupting "Ugly Betty" or "Grey's Anatomy" to tell us what we already know. "The war is bad and I don't know how to fix it."
I am just tired folks. Tired.
But hey, I have some good news. Mary J. Blige got nominated for eight Grammys this time around. I am so happy and proud for her. She deserves all the due she's getting this time around.
And in crazy negro news, Eddie Murphy is denying that he is the father of Mel B.'s baby. For those of you who have a short musical attention span, Mel B., used to be Scary Spice, i.e. the only sista in the Spice Girls.
The two dated for a hot minute and split a little over a month ago, shortly after Mel announced her pregnancy to the world. Now, I am hoping that Eddie didn't leave just because Mel is preggors, but somehow, I am not surprised.
The man just got out of a 13-year marriage where he had five children and then he and the Spice Girl started dating. I am guessing that he didn't want to do the family thing so soon. But hey don't worry about him, he's dating Babyface's ex, Tracey Edmonds who has two kids of her own.
Seeing as how Tracey and Eddie both just left marriages, she and her ex were also married for 13 years, I seriously doubt that they'd both be trying to rush into another family. I have a great idea, if Eddie would just use a condom, he wouldn't have to go that route again.

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