Friday, March 30, 2007

Is he serious?

For those of you folks who do not have the fortune of living in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, there is a black news anchor from WXII News 12 in Winston-Salem who has been charged with driving while impaired in a March accident that left a man dead and his passenger injured.
Now that you're caught up, you know that we (black folks) have a tendency to run to three places when we're in trouble. We go to MamaNem's, church and to see a lawyer.
Well, the defendant has lawyered up and clung closely to his family and last week, he ran to church. This dude stood up in front of the church and proceeded to ask the congregation to pray for the "family who's lost a loved one."
If you got to, there is a link about midway the page for a link to the video of him speaking at the church.
Until you see it, he said that the family has to go through that "phase" of being angry with him for the death of their loved one which he killed while driving impaired. This man proceeded to go on to ask the congregation to pray for his family because they need "love, support and money."
You read that right, he asked for money. Now I'm about to go off in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1.
Where does he get off asking his congregation and the community for money to help with his legal fees to help him beat a charge from he broke the law not once, but twice.
He has managed to play on the sympathy of so many people in this community who feel pity for him because he is a black man who's being "picked on."
I say he's not getting enough. I have no sympathy for an idiot who gets behind the wheel after they've had too much to drink. As far as I'm concerned, he should be charged with first degree murder because that is what it was.
While he did not know the man he killed, he did get behind the wheel while he was impaired and he did kill a man. Anytime you drive a vehicle while impaired, you know that there is the potential to kill someone.
I'll keep you guys posted, but I am hoping they throw the book at this dude - black or not.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It is still 2007 right?

That means we're living in the 21st Century. Why do we (people) still deem it necessary to taunt and discriminate against each other because of our races?
In case you haven't heard, Serena Williams had a heckler ejected from centre court during a match in Florida. Apparently, the man yelled at her before, during and after points. He was allegedly yelling stuff like "foot fault," and told her to "hit the net like any negro would."
Yes you read right, he allegedly said, "negro." How long has it been since we've stopped using "negro"? He may as well have said "colored." Ordinarily I would think, but never say, that we're being too sensitive about what we are being called.
Over the course of our existence here in the "new" world, we've been called niggers, pickaninnies, spooks, porch monkeys, negroes, blacks, niggas and now, African Americans. It's getting hard for me to keep up.
While we have been labeled many things, it is never OK to use any of these labels, especially the offensive ones, as a taunt to throw anyone off. Regardless of the situation, that man and no one else has the right to yell anything about race at someone when they are trying to perform their job - period.
If you don't like the way she plays, fine, cheer for her opponent. But do not by any means attempt to throw her off her game by offending her with that language. He's lucky that all of Compton didn't come out of her and show him how "negroes" really act.
I am pissed about this ya'll. Not so much that he feels this way, allegedly, but that he took it upon himself to bother her while she was working. I mean really, what if she went down to the McDonald's where he works and starts yelling at him, "Drop the fries honky!"

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Canada doesn't want me ...

... so we're gonna have to work something out.
First and foremost, let's revoke Howard Stern's 1st ammendment rights. Well not all of them, just the free speech part. Because he's so durn free with his free speech and vote for the worst campaign, we still have Sanjaya Malakar as a contestant on American Idol.
Since when do we reward people who don't have talent? We're Americans. We're shallow and we only like pretty people who have talent. Sanjaya is missing half of that equation. He is pretty but he doesn't have any talent at all. I think that he made it to the top 24 on accident.
I think that Anderson Cooper should invite Stern on his show to condemn him and to see if he can get these idiots to stop voting for this no-talent having kid.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Stella GAVE Her Groove Back

... should be the name of Terri McMillan's next book. In case you haven't heard, she and her gay ex-husband are at it again. This time, she's suing him for $40 million. The law suit alleges that her ex-hubby or wifey (lol) tried to smear her name in their 2005 divorce.
The suit also names the man's lawyer. According to CNN, the lawsuit stated, "the defendants conspired and formed a plan to threaten to humiliate and embarrass Terry McMillan."
I'm assuming that it means "further embarrassment." She embarrassed herself on Oprah by airing her dirty laundry in front of millions while she was doing all those jerking motions like she had Tourette's.
And pardon my french, but just where in the hell is he supposed to get $40 million? The man is a hairdresser for crying out loud. But the CNN story said that their divorce was settled for an undisclosed amount, so I'm assuming she's trying to get everything he has and then some.
We all know that McMillan, a great writer, is a little eccentric but I certainly hope she was smart enough to get a a prenupt.
As far as I'm concerned, he didn't deserve a dime after that marriage. If anything, she should have had his cute butt deported back to Jamaica where folks over there aren't so kind to those of the homosexual persuasion.
I am not an advocate of gay bashing, in fact I'm totally against it, but somebody should bash him on G.P. How do you not know that you're gay? And then you get married to someone and cheat with other men?
Shoot, he's lucky that all she gave him was a lawsuit. Had it been the kid, I would have called my brothers to give him a ... uh ... "talking to."
For future references, she needs to start taking advice from Kanye and Jamie, "If you ain't no punk, holla we want prenupt, we want prenupt - yeah!"
And what is up with the cop beating up the bartender in Chi-town? I mean really y'all. It was not that serious.
For those of you all who don't watch the news, an off duty male police officer beat up a female bartender after she refused to serve him alcohol. I'm guess that dude was already drunk because of the way everything went down.
According to reports, the bartender tried to stop a fight between the cop and another bar patron before he asked for the drink. Then when she refused to serve him, the dude went around the counter and started pounding on this woman.
Now, he weighs I think about 250 and she weighs a buck fi'teen. She's reported bruises to her head, neck, back and lower body. This is absolutely crazy, I hope he gets fired and I hope she gets some sort of retribution for this whole thing.
I'll tell you what would be great, if she has a couple of crazy brothers and a crazy daddy somewheres. They should straight-up lock this dude in a room with them and let him get punched and kicked like he did that woman!
Didn't I say I was moving to Canada? I'm going to get on that this week.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I don't know how to feel ...

about the indictments of the three officers in New York in the slaying of Sean Bell.
Two of the officers were charged with manslaughter in the first and second degrees. They are class B and class C violent felonies.
Now what that means is the class will determine the amount of jail time. Another officer was also charged with reckless endangerment in connection with discharging his fire arm into an occupied dwelling.
I tell you folks, I am getting more and more worried about the police officers in NYC. If they keep this up, we won't be able to tell the bad guys from the cops. The difference here is, the cops have lawyers and politicians backing them.
I hope that the Sean Bell family sues the city of New York for his wrongful death. I swear, those cops should have to support his would have been wife and child for the rest of their lives because Sean won't be able to. His daughter has to grow up without her father because of a couple of trigger happy cops.
Let's see if they get convicted now that they've been indicted. History teaches us that just because cops get indicted doesn't mean that they will get convicted. Consider the cops in the Rodney King and Diallo incidents. I don't recall any of them getting any sort of sentence.
And speaking of things that make me sick, a Tennessee man was arrested for killing his wife's lover. Not exactly unheard of, but this was an 18-year-old kid and his wife was a high school teacher - almost. She was doing her student teaching.
The man went about that the wrong way, he should have shot his wife if he really wanted to deter future teachers from creeping with their students. I don't understand how so many pedophiles manage to evade everything and everyone on the surface.
I say we start a new screening process. There should be some sort of checks and balances before these people are hired. Either that or they start hiring uglier teachers who don't have a sex drive.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I've tried for as long as I could ...

...but I have to speak my piece.
Consider this a warning - the following is a hodge-podge of issues that have been irking my nerve all week long!
First, American Idol is working my last nerve. OK, I know that as America, we have to vote for who we want to stick around, but what about those folks who need to leave? How do we stop America for voting for the talentless, monotone singers?
I am willing to pay Ryan Seacrest to go to the call center to take the phone line that answers for that Sanjaya Malakar kid out of the wall. Don't get me wrong, he's very pretty, but that poor child can't sing. And if you watch the show as avidly as I, he's been expecting to leave for weeks. Every time they get ready to say who's leaving, he always gets this pout like he's about to start crying. That boy knows he's out of his league.
So please, America, put this kid out of his misery!
Second, how come nobody has called into question Rudy Guiliani's political background? His only experience is being the mayor of New York during the 9/11 attacks. That is certainly no small feat, but it does not qualify him to run the country. This man has no congressional experience nor has he held a state office. NYC is big, but it is a far cry from the entire U.S. Folks are getting on my nerves talking about how many times he's been married and all this crap that doesn't matter. They should talk about the experience that he has in the political arena.
Next, Anna Nicole is dead, you hear me? She's dead! Let the woman rest in piece. For God's sake, somebody order DNA from all the men she had sex with in a three month period and call it a day. And let me just say that we can rule out OJ. That baby is as white as butter and there ain't a strand of extra tight curly hair on her head.
And speaking of hair, somebody please tell Al Sharpton to get somewhere and sit his overly processed hair-having behind down somewhere! It's no secret that you're not jealous of Barack Obama, so you say, but we are tired of hearing it.
I swear man, just because he's got some white folk along for the ride right now doesn't mean they won't turn on him like week-old greens. This is still the preliminary phase of the presidential election season and Obama, Edwards and Clinton still have a very long road ahead of them.
Sharpton is all in the media talking about black folks don't trust him because white people do. That is so stoopid! And I mean just like I spelled it. Edwards, I hate to say, is running on this whole "poor people's campaign" and exploiting Hurricane Katrina victims because it will get him the black vote. Nevermind that he was nowhere near helping poor people his last time around or that he didn't go to N'awlins until it was time to announce his run.
Granted, none of the other candidates have been seen down there either, but they didn't run so they could get some votes. I'm just saying, be true to yourself first. You can lie to me, just don't lie to yourself.
And where does Sharpton get off telling Obama that he shouldn't take the "Black vote" for granted? What political candidate hasn't taken the black vote for granted? Not since the late 1960s have we given them a reason not to.
We're so proud that we get so many people of color to register to vote, but that is nothing to be proud of. Let's try to get these folks to go to the polls and exercise their right, then we'll have something to be proud of. Until then, shut up complaining!
That's it! I give up! I'm moving to Canada - if they'll have me.

Monday, March 12, 2007

"Image is the new racism ..."

... yea right. That was a quote from one of 23 students who was "kicked out" of her sorority at an Indiana university because of what she looked like.
We don't want fat chicks is the message that the national chapter of Delta Zeta sent to its sorors at DePauw University. Earlier today, DePauw University sent the message to the sorority that "we don't want you - period."
For those of you who haven't been following this story, the national chapter sent the sorority a letter saying that they weren't meeting recruitment goals and that they needed to do something to improve their recruitment. Apparently the girls had a reputation for being the "Dog House" on campus because these weren't the cutest girls on campus.
That is jacked up on so many levels. First of all, those girls can help who they look like. I always thought that you join sororities so that you can gather in the spirit of sisterhood with women with whom you share like-ideas, morals and character traits.
This sorority has managed to desecrate that foundation. While I empathize with what these women are going through with this organization, this is in no way shape or form a "new racism." There is none such animal as "new racism." This is no doubt a new -ism, but it should never be compared or equated to racism.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm disgusted ...

another teacher has been arrested for having sex with her students.
Students with an 's' because authorities suspect that she has been with at least five 14 to 15-year-olds. The teacher is 23 and is a middle school teacher where a couple of these kids attended school.
This is disgusting. They should lock this woman in a room with these boys' mothers and that should be her punishment.
What is it about these young boys that has these teachers losing their minds? Granted, they don't make little boys like they used to, but my gosh people, these are still little boys. If they want to date guys who act young and don't seem tainted, I know a couple of guys my age I can hook them up with.