Saturday, March 24, 2007

Canada doesn't want me ...

... so we're gonna have to work something out.
First and foremost, let's revoke Howard Stern's 1st ammendment rights. Well not all of them, just the free speech part. Because he's so durn free with his free speech and vote for the worst campaign, we still have Sanjaya Malakar as a contestant on American Idol.
Since when do we reward people who don't have talent? We're Americans. We're shallow and we only like pretty people who have talent. Sanjaya is missing half of that equation. He is pretty but he doesn't have any talent at all. I think that he made it to the top 24 on accident.
I think that Anderson Cooper should invite Stern on his show to condemn him and to see if he can get these idiots to stop voting for this no-talent having kid.

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