Monday, March 19, 2007

I don't know how to feel ...

about the indictments of the three officers in New York in the slaying of Sean Bell.
Two of the officers were charged with manslaughter in the first and second degrees. They are class B and class C violent felonies.
Now what that means is the class will determine the amount of jail time. Another officer was also charged with reckless endangerment in connection with discharging his fire arm into an occupied dwelling.
I tell you folks, I am getting more and more worried about the police officers in NYC. If they keep this up, we won't be able to tell the bad guys from the cops. The difference here is, the cops have lawyers and politicians backing them.
I hope that the Sean Bell family sues the city of New York for his wrongful death. I swear, those cops should have to support his would have been wife and child for the rest of their lives because Sean won't be able to. His daughter has to grow up without her father because of a couple of trigger happy cops.
Let's see if they get convicted now that they've been indicted. History teaches us that just because cops get indicted doesn't mean that they will get convicted. Consider the cops in the Rodney King and Diallo incidents. I don't recall any of them getting any sort of sentence.
And speaking of things that make me sick, a Tennessee man was arrested for killing his wife's lover. Not exactly unheard of, but this was an 18-year-old kid and his wife was a high school teacher - almost. She was doing her student teaching.
The man went about that the wrong way, he should have shot his wife if he really wanted to deter future teachers from creeping with their students. I don't understand how so many pedophiles manage to evade everything and everyone on the surface.
I say we start a new screening process. There should be some sort of checks and balances before these people are hired. Either that or they start hiring uglier teachers who don't have a sex drive.

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