Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It is still 2007 right?

That means we're living in the 21st Century. Why do we (people) still deem it necessary to taunt and discriminate against each other because of our races?
In case you haven't heard, Serena Williams had a heckler ejected from centre court during a match in Florida. Apparently, the man yelled at her before, during and after points. He was allegedly yelling stuff like "foot fault," and told her to "hit the net like any negro would."
Yes you read right, he allegedly said, "negro." How long has it been since we've stopped using "negro"? He may as well have said "colored." Ordinarily I would think, but never say, that we're being too sensitive about what we are being called.
Over the course of our existence here in the "new" world, we've been called niggers, pickaninnies, spooks, porch monkeys, negroes, blacks, niggas and now, African Americans. It's getting hard for me to keep up.
While we have been labeled many things, it is never OK to use any of these labels, especially the offensive ones, as a taunt to throw anyone off. Regardless of the situation, that man and no one else has the right to yell anything about race at someone when they are trying to perform their job - period.
If you don't like the way she plays, fine, cheer for her opponent. But do not by any means attempt to throw her off her game by offending her with that language. He's lucky that all of Compton didn't come out of her and show him how "negroes" really act.
I am pissed about this ya'll. Not so much that he feels this way, allegedly, but that he took it upon himself to bother her while she was working. I mean really, what if she went down to the McDonald's where he works and starts yelling at him, "Drop the fries honky!"

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