Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Stella GAVE Her Groove Back

... should be the name of Terri McMillan's next book. In case you haven't heard, she and her gay ex-husband are at it again. This time, she's suing him for $40 million. The law suit alleges that her ex-hubby or wifey (lol) tried to smear her name in their 2005 divorce.
The suit also names the man's lawyer. According to CNN, the lawsuit stated, "the defendants conspired and formed a plan to threaten to humiliate and embarrass Terry McMillan."
I'm assuming that it means "further embarrassment." She embarrassed herself on Oprah by airing her dirty laundry in front of millions while she was doing all those jerking motions like she had Tourette's.
And pardon my french, but just where in the hell is he supposed to get $40 million? The man is a hairdresser for crying out loud. But the CNN story said that their divorce was settled for an undisclosed amount, so I'm assuming she's trying to get everything he has and then some.
We all know that McMillan, a great writer, is a little eccentric but I certainly hope she was smart enough to get a a prenupt.
As far as I'm concerned, he didn't deserve a dime after that marriage. If anything, she should have had his cute butt deported back to Jamaica where folks over there aren't so kind to those of the homosexual persuasion.
I am not an advocate of gay bashing, in fact I'm totally against it, but somebody should bash him on G.P. How do you not know that you're gay? And then you get married to someone and cheat with other men?
Shoot, he's lucky that all she gave him was a lawsuit. Had it been the kid, I would have called my brothers to give him a ... uh ... "talking to."
For future references, she needs to start taking advice from Kanye and Jamie, "If you ain't no punk, holla we want prenupt, we want prenupt - yeah!"
And what is up with the cop beating up the bartender in Chi-town? I mean really y'all. It was not that serious.
For those of you all who don't watch the news, an off duty male police officer beat up a female bartender after she refused to serve him alcohol. I'm guess that dude was already drunk because of the way everything went down.
According to reports, the bartender tried to stop a fight between the cop and another bar patron before he asked for the drink. Then when she refused to serve him, the dude went around the counter and started pounding on this woman.
Now, he weighs I think about 250 and she weighs a buck fi'teen. She's reported bruises to her head, neck, back and lower body. This is absolutely crazy, I hope he gets fired and I hope she gets some sort of retribution for this whole thing.
I'll tell you what would be great, if she has a couple of crazy brothers and a crazy daddy somewheres. They should straight-up lock this dude in a room with them and let him get punched and kicked like he did that woman!
Didn't I say I was moving to Canada? I'm going to get on that this week.

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