Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In case you haven't heard ...

multi-million dollar man Allen Iverson has finally been traded. He's going to the mile-high city to join the Nuggets. Of course this comes after a staggering 15-game suspension for the Nuggets golden boy, Carmelo Anthony. Let's see how this works out. There are way too many egos involved here.
T.O. got fined $35,000 for spitting on another player. Let me just say this, ugh, and secondly that is just childish. But then again, I guess he's just going along with recent events - the Knicks start fighting when they lose and Mike Vick flips people the bird. Please tell me I am not the only one who is tired of these spoiled athletes acting like children.
That's the problem with these athletes, they have been spoiled for too long just because they can play a sport. I think it's time that these professional teams hire a team mama. That's right, a team mama. That way, when these guys start acting like fools, the team mama will come out of nowhere like a ninja with the biggest belt and/or switch you've ever seen in your life.
There ain't nothing wrong with these guys that a good ole' country beatin' can't cure.

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