Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's about that time

November One means only one thing, the beginning of basketball season. I love this game. I love football and everything, but a girl can only take so many crazy T.O. and concussion stories. It's time for crazy basketball player and technical foul stories.
And what better way to begin than the Miami Heat getting blown out by the Chicago Bulls. Technically it was last night but it is still a mess. I don't know what the freak was going through the minds of the Heat's players when they were taking those crazy shots all willy nilly.
Now I know the Heat players were all excited about getting their rings and everything but they should have focused at least a little bit on the game.
And what's up with those D. Wade Converse commercials? Could they have made him look any darker or shinier? Look at his lips in that commercial, he looks like he's been eating fried chicken and biscuits with a whole lot of butter on 'em.
And ya'll, I must address this with all jokes aside. Who in their right minds invented this NiggaSpace Web site? That has to be the most offensive Web site I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of Web sites.
I have visited this site and apparently it is supposed to function like MySpace. But this is no space anyone should want to be a part of. Rumor has it that this site is the brain child of some rich white folks and it is supposed to show how the word nigger/nigga has become a term of endearment.
Speaking as a black person who knows the origin of the word, it doesn't seem very endearing. It is offensive and I, for one, am offended.
For those of you who think that the word nigger means ignorant, let me give you a little history lesson laced with some linguistics. The word nigger is derived from the Latin word nigre which means black. Some where around the 1700s, some southern slave owner got a hold of the word and butchered it and it derived into the racial slur that it is.
Doesn't seem very endearing does it? Don't believe me, look it up.
With that said, I can not stand the word, I detest it and I don't want anyone to use it in my presence. I think it is high time that we stop using it in our music, in our speech and anywhere else. It is flat out inappropriate and I'm sick of it.

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