Friday, November 03, 2006

Has it been two weeks already?

Apparently so, because another republican has been outed.
I love it, I absolutely, positively love it when bigoted hypocrites are brought to light.
The newest one happens to be the Right Rev. Ted Haggard. I don't know how right he is, but this dude is a preacher in Denver with a big ol' congregation, telling all his folks to oppose gay marriage and I'm sure telling them how wrong it is to be gay.
A male prostitute has come forward saying that he was paid $200 a month for the past three years in exchange for sexual favors with the Right Reverend and he saw him sniff meth.
Anybody else find this hilarious?
So, later this afternoon, the Rever-rend admitted that he solicited a "massage" from this prostitute and to add some more fuel to the fire, the dude has admitted to buying meth (or crank or ice), but he said that he didn't use it.
He was tempted, but he didn't do it. Sound familiar anyone? At least Billy Boy admitted being a pothead, this guy won't even admit that he used.
A massage? He couldn't have come up with anything better than that? Prayer meeting? Bible study? Outreach? Anything other than a massage. Talk about laying hands on a wayward soul (thanks Wendy). I bet those hands had some oil on 'em too, and it wasn't exactly anointed either.
Anyway, while I'm glad he's been exposed, but let's put the cameras and the reporters back on actual stories. How many soldiers died in Iraq in the last month? Shoot, how many died this month? Are we any closer to finding Bin?
I say fuhget Haggard, let's expose the real hypocrites, like Bush and 'nem. C'mon ya'll, if we don't buy it, they won't sell it. Think about it!


Anonymous said...


Not too long after I talked to you, I finally saw the commercial you were talking about with D. Wade. All I have to say is, call in Spike Lee to "RE-DO THE RIGHT THING"
As usual, your blogs keep me rolling. Thanks for the blog shoutout. Keep on keeping it real.
- Wendy

Anonymous said...

Now why did the Rev. even admit to being alone with this man. I know sometimes when your caught in a lie you need to go ahead and admit it, but not this one. I would have taken this one to my grave. Massage, phone conversations, and the meth. I would have acted like I didn't know what Meth was. I willing to bet my Preacher doesn't know what meth is. I bet his wife is so embarassed. But knowing her ( a white woman) she probably knew it was going on for a while and just didn't want to loose her 'first lady' status in the church.