Saturday, February 23, 2008

Today was Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union ...

... I didn't see it all but what I saw of it was really good.
Once again, Tavis Smiley out did himself with the panel. Some of the panelists included in Saturday's were Mayor Ray Nagin, Michael Eric Dyson, Cornel West, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., Bishop Paul S. Morton, Mayor Cory Booker, Donna Brazile, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and of course the outstanding Dick Gregory.
I don't think I ever blogged about him before I love me some Dick Gregory. He is one of the world's biggest conspiracy theorists but he has a lot of great points. The man has been around forever and he's never sugarcoated anything and that is so necessary right now. We are running around trying to be so politically correct about everything that everything we say is full of rhetoric. Watching him was so refreshing that I might have to go out and find everything piece of literature I can about the man.
This year's forum was held in New Orleans and of course it would not have been complete without hearing from some natives and residents who survived Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I'm glad that Smiley took the forum to N'awlins because they need all the economic boosts they can get.
I'm so ready for the feds to start putting money into the rebuilding of that city so that all those people can go back home. There really is no place like home and it's almost like those evacuees don't have a home anymore. It sucks.
Though I absolutely love the concept of the forum, you know it had to be met with all sorts of negativity. First off, Sen. Barack Obama is getting all sorts of heat about skipping the forum and the majority of it is coming from Mr. Smiley himself.
I hesitate to call Smiley a 'hater' because I think he means well, but my Uncle Charles, the Bishop, told me a long time ago that hell is going to be full of people with good intentions. I'm not saying that he shouldn't be inquisitive about the candidates, I'm saying that he is being overly critical and dare I say 'nit-picky.'
Just a few weeks ago, I applauded Smiley for questioning Obama but it kind of irks me that he's not putting the former first lady up to the same scrutiny. This chick has been seen all in the media crying, sending out attack ads and dishing out cheap shots and nobody is impressed. I know I'm not. This chick has gotten out of control with her juvenile antics. I'm just saying, she needs to grow up and learn how to function when the road gets rough.


Anonymous said...

Smiley's forum is a great idea, but he has certainly missed the point of it all. Having a Qualified, African American with national exposure and an opportunity to better serve all Americans should have been a big positive at symposium addressing the state of African-Americans, with or without Obama.

Obama is exactly where he should be--in Texas and Ohio fighting for every vote to make it happen. How could smiley miss this?

I'm pleased that you have pointed out the fact that Clinton needs to be held accountable for her "sour grapes" response to 11 straight losses, not just show up. What is the real value of that?

Keep on Blogging. You've done a great job of pointing out the obvious about this situaiton, but some still don't get it.

Eb the Celeb said...

I agree with anonymous... you am he/she summed it up so well there's nothing i can really comment on.

Hope all is well down in NC!

Smarty Jones said...

To anonymous: Thanks for your comment. I thought someone else would see it my way when it comes to Obama staying on his j.o.b. of trying to get elected.

To Eb: Everything is good. Working and trying to maintain. You know how it is.