Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's been a long time ...

... I shouldn't have left you ...
It feels like so long since I last talked to you guys. You know I'm not one for excuses, but I didn't have any glasses and I hade a cold. It was damn-near impossible to work and keep this up while I was down a pair of eyes and coughing and sneezing like there was no tomorrow.
But I got my new specs yesterday and I have taken all I can stand of that medicine and I'm happy to report that everything is back to normal. No blurred vision, no rain, no coughing, no sneezing. Only clear, vivid images and somewhat fresh air.
While I was temporarily blind and sick, it gave me an opportunity to catch up on much needed rest and it also gave me a chance to think. The one thing that was on my mind during these past few weeks is people who don't have health and vision insurance must be going through hell.
I was in a pinch and thankfully I do have insurance through my job but I still had to pay more than $140 toward my glasses, a $35 co-pay at Urgent Care and $30 for medication.
When you add it up, I was down about $210 may $215. I had to dip into my already stretched budget to come up with the money but at least I had it to dig into. How many folks don't have it and are going without needed vision correction and necessary medication to keep from spreading their germs to their fellow citizens?
I'll tell you, a bunch. So many folks in this country go to work everyday and they can't afford to get sick or have to get glasses or God-forbid, dental work. In fact, I didn't have health insurance until I started my first full-time job when I was 21. If I'm not mistaken, growing up, my siblings and I had Medicaid for maybe a year or two. We were dropped from the Medicaid rolls when my mom started working full-time and we were forced to go back to the mass population of the uninsured. So I know what it's like to need medical attention and be all but cut off from it.
Thankfully we live in a country where we can not be denied access to medical professionals but the sad part is the hospital bills kill you. The cost of health care, excuse me, sick care, in this country is unbelievable.
We got to do better and the first step is voting. Granted I have been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid as of late, but I implore you to vote, period. Vote for the person who has a plan, an attainable plan, to get Americans adequate health insurance so that we will be able to receive the proper care without having to go broke to do it.
Now personally, I'm for the mighty 'O' man myself. He has a plan to get all Americans, who want health care, an insurance plan as good as he and his congressional counterparts have for an affordable premium. And I can get with that. Ya'll should too.

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