Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ellen DeGeneres ...

has to be one of the funniest hosts that the Academy Awards has ever had. Her monologue was just funny and far too many of the folks in the audience are too stuffy.
Her comments about celebrating the diversity among the pool of nominees was on point. She said, "If there were no African American, gay or Jewish people, there would be no Oscars." Of course she followed with a hilarious punchline but she has a very valid point.
With that said, who in the world denied Eddie Murphy the best supporting actor award? I saw "Little Miss Sunshine," and I liked it, but Grandpa didn't deserve that award. I guess Hollywood is really is cut throat. I guess we can't win them all. But, all was not lost.
Jennifer Hudson did win Best Supporting Actress. Then again, if they would have given it to anyone else, the folks up in there would have rioted.
And the performance by the cast of Dreamgirls was absolutely wonderful. Everybody up there sang their hearts out. They were nominated for a staggering three of five songs. What is amazing is that not one of them won.
Even with all of the great things about the Oscars, I want to know why they deem it unnecessary to show us ALL of it. I understand that everyone wants to be seen on stage and it's all about the little guy and all that, but on no other awards show do we see EVERY award being presented.
I stopped watching at 11:30 p.m. No other awards show can run that long and it won't because people won't sit there that long. Well ... I did, but that was because there were a couple of categories that I was concerned about. And it doesn't matter because the only person who won that I was really, really pulling for was Jennifer Hudson.
When are WE going to get an awards show that really celebrates black cinema?

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