Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V-Day go away ...

Is it just me or does this holiday suck? I am so glad that it is almost over, I about ready to throw a party to celebrate that.
This is supposedly the day that everyone uses to show just how much they love their significant others. But here's the catch, you have to spend a lot of money to show just how much you love somebody.
I'm sorry, call me a killjoy or whatever, I just think that V-Day is a reason for people to spend money on frivolous stuff. Take candy, what person can't buy their own candy or stuffed animals for that matter.
The only thing that is usually bought that people wouldn't buy for themselves is jewelery and that's another waste of money. You'd wear that piece of jewelery what, two or three times a year?
I say take that money and buy a set of tires. Shoot, the tires might be cheaper. And it tells the recipient two things, one, "I don't waste money" and two, "I care about your safety."
I think it's high time that we stop gauging how we feel about each other by the amount of money we spend on them. So I say we make a pact, from now on we buy gifts because we want our loved ones to have it not because we feel like we have to.
So come Christmas, ya'll don't expect much.
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