Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm waiting ...

for Bernie Mac to stumble out of wherever he's been hiding to say, "I'm da pappy!"
How many men slept with Anna Nicole Smith - around that time? This is ree-diculous.
I really feel sorry for the child in this whole ordeal. That child will always be somebody's target because of all the money that she is bound to inherit. I sincerely hope that there is at least one person who is genuinely concerned about that little girl's welfare because I bet you someone is looking to off her too.
And I know I haven't said anything about the Grammy's but I have been a little busy. But I do want to say that I wish people would leave Mary J. Blige alone about her long acceptance speech. I feel like she deserved to have all that time and more. I mean it only took them 15 years to recognize this woman for outstanding work.
There is not a woman between the ages of 8 and 80 who have not been affected by at least one Mary J. Blige song. Show me a woman who has not listened to "Not Gon' Cry" or "7 Days" or "No Happy Holidays" and have it be right on time. Her ability to vocalize every woman's roller coaster of emotions in her songs transcends some of the world's best poetry and anything else that is an out pour of emotion.
So you dang skippy she deserved that time.
Also, I want to say that I am officially scared of these bad A-- kids in America. Some kid out in Utah shot up the mall while a small clique of girls jumped on a woman in Target for bumping into one of them and not apologizing. I tell you folks, this week's headlines are the best birth control anyone could ever ask for.
Just in case you haven't heard, an 18-year-old kid went to the mall and opened fire. He killed five people and intended to kill a lot more. One 10-year-old girl in Boston was arrested in connection with the Target beat down.
What is the world coming to when people can't even go to the store anymore? For those of you reading this who have children and refuse to beat them - this is what sparring the rod can do for you!!!

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