Sunday, February 18, 2007

Can we all agree ...

that Britney Spears has lost her whole mind and be done with it?
I mean really, so what she shaved her head? Maybe she felt like she would be purged if she chopped off all her hair. Nevermind that she looks like she's ill. Nevermind that nothing is wrong with her other than the fact she wanted to get rid of her hair and scores of people who are on chemotherapy are losing theirs.
I just hope that she at least donated her hair to Locks of Love because she is getting way too much publicity to have just gotten a hair cut. India.Arie wasn't on CNN when she shaved her head and neither was Erykah Badu.
Scratch that, I just saw on MSN that her hair will be sold on eBay. Say it with me folks, "ugh."
Anyway, I say, fuhget her, her bald head and let's tune into the rest of the world.

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