Thursday, February 08, 2007

OK, it's official ...

I think I'm going to Hell - on a scholarship.
Today when I found out that Anna Nicole Smith had passed on, the first thing I thought was, "Maybe it was all that Trim Spa." I know, it's not right, but lie to me and say you weren't thinking the same thing.
I don't know what to say to that. That is a lil' suspect. She dies just months after her son in what seems to be a death that is equally suspicious? Somebody needs to look at the folks around them. Somebody offed her.
Speaking of somebody who's off, two sets of parents up in Massachusetts are trying to sue the school system where they children attend school because their teacher read them the children's book, "King and King."
Unless you're completely naive, the book is about two gay princes who fall in love. The parents are upset because they feel like their parental rights were violated because they weren't notified that their children would be learning about homosexuality. quoted their lawyer saying that they didn't want their children to be "brainwashed." And it goes against their "religious beliefs" to teach their children about homosexuality.
Where do people get off being intolerant of other people and they life that they choose to live and saying that it is in the name of Jesus, God, Allah, Yahweh or whomever?
The foundation of most, if not all, religions is faith and love. Being anything less than tolerant and attempting to belittle or degrade people is not faithful or loving.
What folks fail to realize is we as people do not have a Heaven or a Hell to put anybody in so we are in no position to judge. Every single person alive has sinned, is sinning and will continue to send until your spirit leaves your body. Simply put, those folks who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
I applaud that teacher who decided to read that story, it shows that she is dedicated to turning her students in tolerant, understanding, productive members of society.
And besides, nobody came to my rescue when my teachers tried to teach me Algebra and Advanced Math, so they gotta sit through that too.

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