Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Where to begin?

This has been an eventful week and it's only Wednesday!
First off, I would like to congratulate VH1 on the Hip Hop Honors show last night. Now, to all the people I may have offended with my BET post, watch the VH1 replay and you will see what I'm talking about when I say real hip hop. That show was good from start to fin.
Even the Beastie Boys, who I really wasn't into, were pretty good - it brought back a few memories from when my brothers kept shoving the music in my sister's and my faces. Thanks fellas!
Secondly, what is up with Mike Tyson? The man told the press that he was "very serious" about stepping into the ring with a female boxer.
(I have my head turned, looking out of the corner of my eye with my lips turned.) That's ludicrous
I think the original question was whether or not he would fight a woman. The first thing that came to my mind is, "hasn't he done that already?" Isn't fighting women one of the main reasons his first wife left him? (That's what she said.)
I am a fan of boxing and I love to see a good fight, but I just don't hardly think you can get a good male/female fight unless they are in a relationship and somebody has spent the light bill money.
But, if Ann Wolfe, or any other woman is crazy enough to get in the ring with Mikey, at least now we know she'll fight back.
Oh yea, and good news for about 10,000 central African refugees. It seems that America has decided to take them in after some of them have been in Tanzanian camps since 1972.
I'm sure that those refugees are all sitting around saying, "whoooo hooooooo!!! A full 34 years after I need you, you just drop in and help. Well thank you America."
The new "visitors," because I'm sure they plan to kick them out after a few years, are natives of Burundi. Just a little bit of background, the country is in Central Africa and has been going through civil war since getting independence from Belgium.
Now, I say that to say, I wonder what the ulterior motive is for bringing in "new" black people to America. America barely cares about the black folks we have now and they went to get new ones? Who knows, this could be some sort of trade. Basketball season is near. I think we should be on the look out for Manute Bol-like ball players.
Lookout, I think somebody's up to something.

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