Friday, October 20, 2006

I Almost Forgot!!!

Wesley Snipes. Lord, Wesley Snipes.
They found this negro in Africa and somebody had a good eye too. At any rate, I think he should sue whoever in the freak told him that he could get away with not paying his taxes.
This is America people. Uncle Sam is going to get his cut no matter what happens. They allow celebrities and other folks with money to pay later because in theory, they will have the money. And the rest of us, they just take it up front because they KNOW we don't have it.
And in news from around the world, a prisoner in Australia took a bunch of laxatives so that he could lose enough weight to squeeze through a hole in a prison wall. The man spent three days on the run from police before he was caught.
I'm still laughing at this because I'm wondering how far he got if he had to stop every few minutes to find a bathroom. I guess this is a situation where everything didn't come out alright. LOL!!!
OK, I'm alright now.
There was a story on CNN about happy kids not being good at math and kids who are good at math are not happy. They had a poll and everything asking parents if they preferred their kids to be happy or good at math.
This is so wrong on so many different levels.
What parent doesn't want their kid to be happy and what parent doesn't want their kid to be good in math? The real story they should explore is why kids who are good in math are unhappy.
I have the answer, there is no more exploration needed.
Those kids are unhappy because they just sat through two hours of trying to do one algebra problem and they have missed Rap City and part of 106th and Park and they have a headache. The kids who aren't good at math are happy because they did not burst a brain vessel trying to figure out why x=-3.

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