Monday, October 16, 2006


Not hardly. Football players being football players is what I say.
It seems that everybody is talking about last weekend's game between Miami and Florida International. Maybe I'm a lil' delayed, but, I don't see why everybody is so upset.
Football is a brutal sport. It is meant to hurt. This is one of the only sports besides boxing where the athlete is rewarded for either giving or taking a "good hit."
From what I understand, the fight started after a Miami player pointed to the Florida International bench after scoring a touchdown. The score was 35-zip, you think Miami is not going to be talking junk and making fun of the losing team?
Please. I don't know a man who doesn't gloat when he's winning. This is simply a case of a sore loser. I mean did Florida International really expect to win? I sure hope not.
Miami is a Division I university in a tough conference that has the power to recruit the best players from around the country. They could have played their third string and still won the game. I do believe in miracles and I know that anything is possible, but Saturday wasn't Christmas and the Orange Bowl is not on 34th Street, I don't think.
The point is, the coaches and athletic directors should be the ones on the chopping block for setting up this David and Goliath style game. Any time colleges are that close together, there will always be some sort of rivalry where one school will think they are better than the other.
While I have not been in the atmosphere at either school, I am willing to bet my Homecoming money that Miami treated Florida International like a red-headed step-child.
That sort of conflict is going to breed some bitterness. Add to that a little testosterone and a few blows to the head at warp speed and you've got a bunch of belligerent guys who want to make somebody hurt.
And that is not unacceptable, that's good football.

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Anonymous said...

The "U" shuld have never scheduled FIU. Not when there were so many wannabe U players on the squad. They had to have seen this coming.

Still, I must say, it didn't look good. Sad sad!