Sunday, May 18, 2008

Looking at the calendar ...

... it's about that time.
May is by far the most fabulous month on the calendar and not because it's Spring. It just so happens to be the month that the world was blessed with my presence and I happen to think that every child born within this wonderful month is no doubt great!
With that said, Tuesday is the best day out of the month. In case you don't know, that's the 20th.
In fact, I'm feeling so good about my born day, that I had to go an pull this out:

And for the record, Taurus and Gemini are the sexiest zodiac signs.
Anyway, I'm headed to the "A" to celebrate. I shall look up Eb the Celeb while I'm down there and I'm sure there will be a pic or two by the end of the weekend.
Personally, I don't plan to do anything for the entire week and that is why you all are getting this post now because I'm celebratin'!
Ah, what the hell:

Catch ya'll after Memorial Day! Have fun, be careful and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!


CapCity said...

HAPPY b'earth day, Sis! Have a great time where ever u are!

James Tubman said...



i have to admit, i didn't expect to come here and see a luke song on here lol

he degrades women too you know

Smarty Jones said...

Cap, thanks for the born day wishes. I'm heading to ATL tommorrow for what I know will be an ignorant weekend hosted by my brother.

Touche Mr. Tubman. You're right, he does, but this was the first birthday song that came to mind and I thought, 'why not shake it up a little bit?' Gotta keep you guys guessing, right?

TravelDiva said...

Happy B day girl! Hope you're having a good time on vacation. Just got back from my mini-vacay. Can't wait to hear how your birthday was!

Eb the Celeb said...

happy birthday chica.

yes we shall hook up when I am back in the A... I am trying to hit up Ludacris new restaurant... we can do a review of