Tuesday, May 13, 2008


R. Kelly is finally going to trial. It's about time, wouldn't you agree?
I mean, it's only been about 20 years since the videotape of him "allegedly" having sex with a minor surfaced.
OK, so it's only been about six years since his initial arrest. I'm not up on constitutional law, but I know six years exceeds the Bill of Rights' guarantee of a speedy trial. What's speedy about six years?
Anywell, jury selection began yesterday and the lawyers have already chosen three jurors; an executive, a telecommunications employee and a preacher's wife and I don't mean Whitney Houston.
According to a story on CNN's Web site, 15 people were questioned yesterday and 20 are scheduled to be questioned today. It is the goal to pick 16 jurors, 12 plus four alternates, out of a pool of 150.
I'll bet that's the only case in Chicago that jurors aren't making up excuses to get out of. Think about it, thousands of people get called in for jury duty everyday and it's usually some lame case where nobody knows the alleged criminal. But with this case, everybody knows R-rah and it seems like everyone knows about or has seen that tape.
Good luck finding a fair and impartial jury on that one. They'd be better off sending summonses to Quakers and Mormons without TVs. But then, it wouldn't be a jury of his peers. If they wait any longer, that girl he "allegedly" had sex with is going to be one of his peers.
This is simply tragic. I think they're going to put Kells under the jail for this one. It's time, don't you think. Celebrities have been getting away with too much and I think they're cracking down now. Look at what happened to Mike Vick. They sent that brotha to jail over some dogs. You think they're going to let R-ra walk after he's been taping himself with little girls - allegedly.
Think about it, O.J. got away the first time. Michael Jackson got away twice and Ray Lewis literally got away with murder. They're going to get Kells and I bet he wishes he would've trapped that camera and that tape in the closet.
If I think about it really hard, I can see a bright side to all of this. First off, unlike O.J., he can read. He will understand what's going on. Secondly, unlike Jacko, Kells does have decent suits he can wear to court. He won't show up to court, like Chris Rock said, "looking like Captain Crunch."
Honestly, I don't know if we're being so hard on him because of what he did or because he got caught. Back in the day, if they'd been this adamant about prosecuting guys who slept with young girls, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye and Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13-year-old first cousin. I'm not condoning any of it, I'm saying, get 'em all. Somebody else is out there sleeping with young girls too.
And, half the time, it ain't these dude's fault. I know that sounds a little crazy, but have you seen these little girls today? I swear, they look as old as I do and Lord knows they are developing much earlier than normal.
Don't believe me, take a trip to a middle, junior high and a high school and tell me those girls don't look 28. I know they do and they lie about their ages, just like we used to. The difference here is they can pull off 21, we couldn't. Hell, they can pull off 31.
Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't defend pedophiles and I'm not defending them now, I do however understand how they can be duped by these lil' hot tailed girls - especially when all the blood has rushed from the big head to the little one.
I blame the hormones in the food. For real, when's the last time you seen chicken pieces that big?


Eb the Celeb said...

Mad @ big chicken pieces! LMAO!

Smarty Jones said...

You know this is some of the biggest chicken you've ever seen. Don't try to act like I'm the only one suspicious at those dang chicken wings in the Chinese restaurants.

TravelDiva said...

LOL. I don't think he's going to be convicted due to the passage of time and the lack of cooperation from the victim.