Monday, May 05, 2008

I've got it!

I figured out a way to become my own boss and make a butt-load of money doing it! I, Smarty Jones, am going to open up an alternative transportation store/rice field.
OK, so you may not know what I mean about alternative transportation. I mean any thing on two to four wheels that will get you from A to B without having to spend your life savings on a tank of gas.
Still in the dark? OK, unicycles, bicycles, tricycles, mopeds, skateboards, push scooters, wagons, wheel barrels, anything that can get you to where you need to go without offering up your first born for gas money. Before long, we'll all be singing the same theme song.

The price of gas is getting way out of hand. With my Toyota Echo, I know it's small, it takes me about $50 to fill up if I'm on 'E', thank God I haven't gotten down that far yet, but today is Monday and I do a lot of driving for my job. Let's hope I can cut down on how many "out-of-office" assignments I take this week.
It's getting so bad that I drove by my lil' "cheap" spot this morning and saw that regular unleaded petro is $3.50/gallon in Burlington. Now I know why the Loch Ness Monster on South Park kept asking Chef's parents for "Tree-fitty!" he wanted to buy a gallon of gas.

And rice, have you all seen that rice is going up? What next, Ramen Noodles. Man, it's getting expensive to eat cheap! It used to be that the cheapest thing you could buy to eat was rice, beans and Ramen Noodles.
And what about eating in the South? I'm pretty sure that the folks living in every state below the Mason Dixon line can single-handedly keep rice farmers in business forever.
If you are eating true Southern meals, it would be nothing for you to eat rice twice a day. I have seen times where we have eaten rice two times a day for at least five days of the week.
I know one thing, if rice gets to be too expensive, that's gonna be a big ol' void to fill on Sunday after church. Potatoes don't go with every meal. Rice does.


TravelDiva said...

LMBAO! Yeah, gas is really hurting. I try not to go lower than a quarter of a tank, and even then, I'm spending 50 something to fill up. It's an outrage. And I think they are watering the gas down because it's not lasting as long either. I used to be able to fill up once a week now it's not lasting a full week. Plus is about $3.80 in Maryland.

Eb the Celeb said...

lmfao... girl... gas will make you feel like you dont even have a job wont it... I am so glad I dont have a car right now and live in a city where one isnt needed... because I made a pact when I got my first job that I would never eat a ramen noodle again... and so far I have kept that promise

Smarty Jones said...

Girl I wish I didn't need a car, but you know the life of a reporter.
And as far as the food, I won't promise myself nothing like that. Girl I grew up in the projects and one thing I know, I ain't that far removed.
My mama always told us, "when you're full, you're full. Can't nobody look at you and tell what ya ate."
And I quote her till this day. Granted the only time I eat Top Ramen is when I want it, but I ain't above it.

DeeDee said...

LMAO. Because I've eaten rice 3 times this week and it's only Wednesday. LOL. And that daymn Acura of mine takes Premium gas which is 3.91 now. I need to work from home more. And Chris has his disel truck which is 4.25/gallon. Needless to say it stays parked.