Monday, May 05, 2008

It's my favorite night ...

... well not really, it is Monday, but it was the night for Miss Rap Supreme. So everybody knows now that's my guilty pleasure.
Now, I have been watching this show entirely too much, because I don't watch it only on Mondays, I watch at least two repeats during the week. With that being said, I have to get off my chest that Chiba is just too dang confident in herself.
Don't get me wrong, she can rap, but she's not as good as she thinks she is. Did I contradict myself? I don't think so. Let's revisit tonight's episode and the previous ones as well. First off, her flow is sick, but, and excuse my vernacular, she ain't saying nothing.
I think she thinks she's the best lyricist since Tupac. She's not. She makes everything more complicated than it has to be and that's jacked up for everybody else. The bad part is she thinks she's helping and she couldn't get herself together in the elimination portion. She got too caught up in her "feelings." How you gonna be a hard chick but you get emotional when it's time to perform?
She needs to stop being a punk and man up!
I was wrong last week, I thought Rece Steele was leaving but obviously I was wrong, she was the MVP for the show. In watching tonight's show, I thought Bree was leaving. Bree is alright but she's trying too hard right now. It'll come together for her, but I predict she's leaving next week. Of course, last week's prediction didn't come true so that doesn't really mean a hill of beans.
But like always, Byata, Nicky2States and Miss Cherry came to play the game and they did it right. From the looks of next week's show, it looks like Nicky, Byata and Rece will be teaming up again. That leaves Chiba, Bree and Miss Cherry to fight it out. Those three do not work well together and they will more than likely be on the bottom next week and it will be Chiba's fault.
I hated to see Lady Twist go but the bottom line is she didn't bring it as a leader. I don't know where in the freak they're coming up with these challenges but they knew dag on well my girl was at a disadvantage. In spite of what people tell you, all big people are not light on their feet like Heavy D and Missy Elliot. Shoot, my feet hurt right now!
I don't see why they had to dance anyway. MC Lyte ain't danced since the "When In Love" video. I've never seen Queen Latifah dance. The only single female rappers I've seen dance and stick around for a while is Missy Elliot and ... well, Missy Elliot.
Shoot, my girl Lil' Kim fell off and Salt N Pepa dance, well, because they were hot in a day before the hypeman and one needed something to do while the other rapped her verse.
At any rate, she said she's going back to get serious about school and start her journalism career. I hate to tell her she'd be better off in LaLaWood. Journalism ain't the place to be right now, especially when they're offering buyouts and laying folks off.
All in all, I think it's jacked up that she's not there anymore because there's probably only one true lyricist left in the house. I'm soooo not gonna say who I think it is. I gotta keep you coming back for more, right?
I must go now because I have to find my remote. I cannot watch these chicks fight over Flavor Flav. OK, I'm about to toss my cookies, one of those girls just kissed him. Ugh.
I'm sorry, that dude looks like he fell face first off the ugly tree and hit every branch and twig on the way down.

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Sheletha said...

"they're offering buyouts and laying folks off."

so true, so flippin tru.