Monday, June 04, 2007

Can we have a moment of silence ...

... in memory of the Hi-Five frontman Tony Thompson.
He was found dead last Friday outside his apartment complex from an apparent drug overdose. he was 31. That is just sad.
I won't use this post as a diatribe to tell how all of our young black men are dying for no reason, because you already know that. I will use this to say that this mess needs to stop. That's the end of that because I am not trying to get up on a soapbox about this.
Since I never admit that I'm wrong, about anything, let me be the first to tell you that maybe I wasn't completely right about TV completely sucking now.
In case you haven't seen the previews, ABC gave Shaq, that's Shaquille O'Neal, a reality show about helping to combat childhood obesity. I know this shouldn't be funny, but it is really hard NOT to laugh in this situation.
I am not laughing at ABC calling in reinforcements to help combat childhood obesity, but they got Shaq! They didn't get some health guru, a reputable physican or athletic trainer, they got Shaq. Big ole', 7-foot tall, Incredible Hulk dipped in chocolate, cockeyed Shaq.
Now don't get me wrong, I like Shaq. He's sexy, in his own way, but athletic trainer he ain't. This man was about 70 pounds overweight until he went to Miami. What can he do, besides play with these kids, that is going to encourage them to lose weight?
Speaking as a big girl myself, I just don't see how prodding from an oversized human is going to encourage folks to lose weight.
And last but certainly not least, anyone who has been watching CNN has no doubt seen the story of the married couple with three children in Tennessee who has been deployed to Iraq. This is by far the LAST straw.
How can these politicians rest at night knowing that they have sent both parents of three children ranging in ages from 9 to 12 off to fight a pointless war?If they're parents don't make it back, who is going to raise these children? Who is going to support these children?
I'll tell you who it won't be, it won't be Bush or any of his cronies. Why in the hell hasn't anyone called for Bush's impeachment?
Oh that's right, he hasn't had an affair.

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