Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A whole month ...

... and you guessed, people are still crazy! Thank God that it is the kind of crazy that is hilarious and not horrifying. Brace yourself, this is going to be long. I haven't been by in a while.
First and foremost, is anyone disappointed that Rosie has finally left The View? I know I'm not. She's been nothing but trouble since BEFORE she got there.
I know you guys remember when Star started losing all that weight, she talked about her so badly that it wasn't even funny. Then when she got there, she turned it into "The Rosie O'Donnell Show featuring a couple of sidekicks," starting fights and offending folks along the way.
Let's go ahead and get this out of the way, if she had any pigment in her skin at all, she would have been let go after that "Ching Chong" incident where she was picking at Asians. And now the childish brat is saying that she'll never speak to Elisabeth again.
I have absolutely no idea why they kept her around as long as they have. I don't know who the hell she was supposed to appeal to.
They've got the Hasselbeck chick for the young housewives, Joy Behar and Barbara Walters (when she goes to work) for the retired women, they lost their minority when Star left and no one for the older housewives.
I give The View one more season before the network pulls the plug. It's had a good run, up until last year, and they need to go ahead and put the show out of its misery. That fight between Rosie and Elisabeth was the benediction.
Next subject, I know everyone saw Miss America fall. That was freakin' hilarious!!!
Oh my gosh you guys, I saw it earlier today and I was having a bad day, but that clip was definitely a pick me up! I know I shouldn't laugh at others misfortune, but that was funny. I mean, the whole world was watching that pageant and she fell.
~still laughing and tearing up~
OK, I'm OK now.
Can we please move on from LiLo and her drinking problem? I mean gosh, the girl has been in Hollywood her whole life and is finally old enough to party like a rockstar. Leave her alone, let her battle her demons in private.
And last today, but certainly not least, who do I have to threaten to get a decent season/series finale?
I know that some of you guys are as into TV as I and you have been watching these god-awful excuses for season finales. Some of these shows aren't even coming back and they did not tie up the loose ends. Now, ya'll know I love to support my people of color on network sitcoms and dramas, but the networks are really making it hard to do.
First off, last season, they got rid of Half & Half and One on One when UPN and WB merged. They kept All of Us, made it decent and are now taking it off the air without a series finale. Then, they also kept Girlfriends, got rid of Toni, made the show SUCK, and had what could have naturally been the end of it all.
ABC got rid of George Lopez and added Ugly Betty. Great add, but why did they take away George? I just don't understand anymore. Where are they getting these freakin' test audiences from? Is it that they don't want to see how people of color live or are they afraid that we appear "too human?" Or is it that Americans have such a severe case of ADD that we don't care what happens to our characters anymore?
I tell ya'll man, it's almost enough to make me stop watching TV all together - almost.

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