Monday, April 23, 2007

The last of the funerals are today ...

... I hope that the services will give the families some kind of closure. I know that when a family member is lost that suddenly and at that young of an age and that senselessly, it does something to you. I just want to extend my condolences to each and every family.
With that said, we can look forward to American Idol tomorrow because we've actually got us a competition now. They finally got rid of Sanjaya and my boycott is over.
I'm so glad they got rid of that lil' fella I don't know what in this world to do! Maybe he'll go quietly into obscurity once he's done with all the press. Lord knows, if I never have to see that curly-headed lil' dude again, it will be too soon. At least William Hung was funny. Sanjaya was flat out annoying and I'm sure no one is happier than Simon!

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