Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finally ...

I think we're getting somewhere. MSNBC has opted to drop Don Imus' show and I couldn't be more thrilled. While I certainly don't take joy in anyone loses their job or taking a pay cut, he should have thought about this before he opened his mouth.
The thing that bothers me is the fact that people have been pointing fingers to black rappers who do the same thing. While I do believe that we need to address their word choices, now is not the time to be pointing fingers. What are we teaching our kids in this country? Are we teaching them that they can say whatever they want to say as long as they find a scapegoat? Are we teaching them that they don't have to take responsibility for what they say as long as someone has said it before?
I say, bullcrap. Now is the time for us to start teaching our folks that they need to accept responsibility for their actions. It's high time that we need to start telling folks that they can no longer use the defense that they didn't think before they spoke. It is scientifically proven that your brain has to send some sort of message to your mouth to speak, you thought before you say anything.
For future references, I suggest that not only Imus and his producer, but everyone else needs to start taking responsibility for their own actions. It is high time they stop taking the juvenile approach of pointing crooked fingers at other people. Man up, take responsibility for your own actions.
If you're man enough to say it, be man enough to suffer the consequences.

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