Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I told ya'll ...

I can't go anywhere! What is it about my extended breaks that makes people go crazy?
The last time, a tornado hit a couple of small towns in Florida, Joe Biden called Barack Obama clean and articulate and Brandy was being sued for a car accident.
Now, a talk radio show hosts, who said he's not a journalist, has called the black women who belong to the Rutgers University basketball team "nappy-headed hoes," and a guy went postal at an accounting firm.
First things first, they caught the lunatic who shot up the accounting firm. Apparently the man went to the office, shot and killed the receptionist and wounded two other management level employees. According to CNN, the man was looking for the people he shot so this was no random act.
No motive was being reported but I wonder if this guy was fired. This proves my point that people in management need better training on how to deal with their employees. A lot of managers do not know how to talk to their employees like they are people and this causes them to blow a fuse.
But for those of you thinking about going postal in the future, please get a faster car than a Ford Fusion.
Now, on with this Don Imus thing. I'd like to know who his publicist is, just what the freak is in his contract and the amount of dirt he has on the head of the FCC. They drove Howard Stern from commercial radio for far less than this. I am not even a fan of Stern's or Imus' shows but at no time is it OK to speak about women, of any nationality, in a derogatory manner.
Had this been Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Doug Banks, Russ Parr or Michael Baisden in this equation calling any white girl a "white trash ho," it would not have even been an issue. They would have yanked them off the air right then.
CBS and NBC has made a "gesture" by taking Imus off the air for two weeks, but that suspension will begin next week. Nothing is even being reported about whether or not he is being suspended with or without pay.
This whole thing has gone way too far and the best way to end it all is to go ahead and relieve this man of his duties. He is waiting for the whole thing to die down and I am willing to bet that this suspension is to wait everything out. The idea is that this campaign to get him fired will loose momentum.
I hope it doesn't. I hope this thing keeps growing and growing until both networks are forced to either let him go or cease operation.

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