Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I think it's safe to say ...

... that I have seen it all.
Have you heard about this $54 million lawsuit that a judge in D.C. has filed against a dry cleaner? The man is suing for a lost pair of pants. That's right, a pair of pants. But get this, they found the pants and now the man says they aren't his.
If you don't believe me, click the link.
You know I'm pissed right? He just had to be a negro, didn't he?
Now just where are these people supposed to get $54 million if the jury rules in favor of this haberdashery obsessed fool? It was a pair of pants - that they found. Where does the $54 million come in? Is he trying to buy the whole dang company that made the pants?
You'd think this case would have been laughed out of court, but the guy who filed the suit is a judge and he is acting as his own lawyer. He keeps finding loopholes that allow him to keep this thing in court.
I hate to be cliche and say he's making us all look bad, but he ain't exactly making us look like good people to do business with either.
I saw on Nightline the other night that the pants were worth about $800. Eight hundred dollars, for some pants. Some regular a-- pants! That's $400 a leg.
I hate to see how much he spends on socks and drawers.
Do you realize that I can pay my rent, cable/internet bill, electric and still put some gas in my car? And he spent that on some pants. I'm glad they lost those pants. He should have gone home and just counted that as a learning experience - a stupid tax, if you will.
I hope the jury rules in favor of the defendants and makes that judge pay a hefty fine for wasting time and resources and I hope he has to pay those people's legal fees.
Eight hundred dollar pants - why doesn't he have a special dry cleaner on his payroll, since he can afford $800 pants. Shoot, for $800 those pants should have had some legs in them and some Stacy Adams on the feet on those legs.


DeeDee said...

Girl the judge threw it out today. But that fool just might appeal it.

Smarty Jones said...

I heard, I hope that couple sues him!