Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Things are heating up in New Hampshire ...

... and I don't mean the weather either.
Voters in the New England state have taken to the polls to vote in this year's first primary election and I am excited.
Under normal circumstances, I detest politicians but lately, watching this has been my alternative to The Young and the Restless. I keep waiting for an illegitimate child to pop out or for Hilary to announce to the world that she's been having an affair.
This whole process has been amusing to me and with the help of the good Lord, it'll all be over soon - on the Democratic side anyway. Joe Biden and Chris Dodd have already called it quits and Bill Richardson is hanging on by a thread - and nobody knows why. Now, it's a battle between Barack Obama, John Edwards and Hilary.
I can't say I'm surprised by that, but I can say that I am surprised that Obama and Clinton have not formed one of those Survivor-like alliances. I was surprised that the folks caucusing in Iowa picked Obama over Clinton and that Edwards came in second.
It was not unusual that Huckabee won in Iowa. I mean he is a Baptist minister and from what I understand, those folks in Iowa love them some Jesus! Then came Mitt because I guess he's closer to Jesus than Giuliani and Fred Thompson who said one of my favorite quotes last year. "I'm OK with the Lord, and the Lord is OK with me." That was a classic!
But there's also the Vietnam POW John McCain who is supposed to fare well in New Hampshire. I'm not really sure what he's trying to do by staying in the race but I think it will all be downhill after today.
I watched the debates on Saturday and saw a few things that kinda stuck in my craw and had me in stitches all at the same time. Huckabee made the statement that he wants to see less government in people's personal lives. This from a man who wants to isolate all the people who have HIV/AIDS and ban gay marriage and civil unions. Maybe it's me, but I don't think he's going to fare well with the country's LGBT community.
Something that surprised me is how Edwards started outright attacking Clinton saying that she was the "status-quo." I tell ya'll, this whole thing is turning into a high school drama and one of my favorite columnist/satirist Rick Horowitz got it right. Take a look:

Hopefully we can all come to an agreement on the lesser of both evils without settling this thing in the parking lot at 3:15.
Now, I am going to do something that I swore I wouldn't - make a prediction for the nominees for the November election.
That's right, you saw it here first!
I predict that it will be an Obama/Edwards ticket against a Huckabee/Romney ticket. Now who's gonna win, I can't tell you. I think that they should settle the whole thing in an American Idol-like competition. They can all perform as a quartet, then in duos and then separately to see who is the best.
It may be unorthodox but at least we know people will watch and vote.


Eb the Celeb said...

What you think about this chick crying though... aahhh... she made me so mad with that mess!

Smarty Jones said...

Girl I know. That is what pisses me off about this whole issue. She has been so damn stereotypical since she's found her "softer side."
She pretty much played into their idea of what a woman is supposed to be and that is not going to get her elected. I think that crocodile tears stunt caused her to take a step back.