Friday, January 25, 2008

And just when I needed another reason ...

... to not believe in monogamy, here comes Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit mayor, FAMU graduate and certified Grade A DAWG!
Ol' boy got caught lying under oath about an affair that he had with his chief of staff Christine Beatty a couple of years back. Now they are trying to get him on felony perjury charges where he can face up to 15 years in prison. That's right, 15 years, for lying - about having sex.
You don't have to say it, I'll say it for you. "Day-um!"
I mean dag on, I know he lied but he was just obeying the first law of nature, self-preservation. Think about it, it is human nature to lie to get yourself out of trouble. And if there were ever a time when he needed to get out of trouble it was when he was sitting on the witness stand "testi-lying" about whether or not he slept with a staff member.
Usually when you tell a lie of gargantuan proportion, you do all you can to make sure that if you're caught, it can't be proven. It was almost like this dude wanted to get caught. They sent 14,000 text messages over the course of two months in 2002 and two months in the 2003. That's 14,000 text messages in four months, 3,500 a month and 1,750 each. That's a lot of messages. I don't believe I've sent or received 14,000 messages in all my 25 years. And I mean text messages, voice messages, e-mails and instant messages - combined.
And since that was in '02 and '03, I'm assuming that the messages were on two-way pagers. City-issued two-way pagers mind you. I know they had to know they were being monitored. Plus if they were using two-ways, I know their thumbs must have been hurting like hell!
Anyway, I am co-signing what Sam Jackson's character said on "The Boondocks."
Take a look:

I just consider this whole situation he's going through to be his payment to the "stupid tax."
OK, maybe I shouldn't call the brotha stupid, but that wasn't a smart thing to do.
I know we all make mistakes and deserve second chances, but if your mistake gets you a felony charge and disgraces your whole family, I think it is safe to say you're screwed. For once I'd like to see a man admit to his wrong-doing when asked the first time instead of people having to dig for it.
He could have admitted to it and just been a cheater. Now he turns out to be a liar and a cheater and he's gonna be forced out of his job too - for some booty. Umph, umph, umph. I ain't judging the brotha but I'm just saying, he should have been a little more discreet about his personal life. At any rate, I hope it all works out for him and he has another job lined up because he's gonna need one.
Speaking of somebody who needs another job, I think a couple of producers at CNN, Randi Kaye and my girl Soledad O'Brien are going to be perusing in a few minutes. They did what I thought was a couple of nice pieces about the roles that race and gender are playing in this election. Take a look here: Black Women in Politics.
They did these stories and black women all over the country got pissed off saying that CNN portrayed them as ignorant and unable to vote the issues. I liked the concept but I think they should have asked about the issues that concern them rather than asking which do they plan to vote, gender or race.
Actually, I think it is a fair question. I think that a lot of women of color, particularly black women tend to vote for Democratic candidates. Well, the black women I know vote Democratic and we all have a lot of the same issues. We're concerned about the economy, education, health care, you know, everything the Republicans think we're too stupid to understand.
The bottom line is we can act like this whole thing doesn't hinge on race and gender or we can act like we live on Earth and realize that women will always be seen as week and black folks will be seen as inferior. Even if one or the other gets the nomination and the other is on the ticket as the vice president, they won't get elected. Granted we're long overdue for a change in leadership but this country is not ready. We all say we are but act like we aren't. And we all know, actions speak way louder than words.


TravelDiva said...

He is a complete and total Joker! Word is he also was holed up in a hotel with some other woman last monday before an MLK prayer breakfast. Disgraceful, dishonorable and stupid.

I definitely feel for his wife in all of this--it's bad enough to be cheated on, but then to add public humiliation to it? Awful.

Smarty Jones said...

I agree. I don't know what his deal is but he is about to get crucified for it.

Eb the Celeb said...

The reason why men shouldn't cheat... because they are too damn dumb... they can nut and think at the same time so they need to just stop the madness...

TravelDiva said...