Thursday, November 01, 2007

Know what I hate?

I just hate it when people can't admit that they made a mistake and move on from it.
OK, so I'm a little late on this one. I hardly ever watch BET so you can't fault me for posting this up a full two weeks and some change after the fact.
Look to your immediate left and see if you recognize the man in the picture. Take a good look now: that's Money Mike or A Pimp Named Slick Back or Katt Williams. Arguably one of the funniest comedians working today.
Before this Bama dressed up in that pink suit and put on that noose, I may have said he was THE funniest. He missed the mark on that one though.
I learned about this last night while I was watching CNN's "Out in the Open," and they were talking about whether or not the noose was an appropriate Halloween decoration.
After listening to about a half hour of commentary from a couple of black folks and two white folks who hung the nooses as decoration, the host, Rick Sanchez, attempted to interview Williams to find out why he wore the noose.
He said, "I thought I was helping."
My first reaction was, 'yea right pal!' Then I said, well, let me see how he thought he was helping. This dude said that white supremacists seem to have a problem with where they are placing the nooses.
"They never put them in black neighborhoods," he said. So he basically went on to say that they mean the nooses for "n-words and I wanted to show them where to find one. I mean, I am that."
Yes, the man called himself a nigger and told white America on CNN, of all places, that he was a nigger. I had a very sad Halloween, but in the spirit of the holiday, I was haunted.
It saddens me that our brothers refer to themselves as such and they have a lack of respect for themselves and the rest of us. Sanchez asked Williams how he could have such a lack of respect for himself and people like him and he asked, "what makes you think I don't respect myself?"
The entire interview was a farce. I mean, Sanchez gave him an out when he asked whether or not he would change anything about that night and if there was anything he regretted.
And do you know what this dude said? "I regret wearing that pink suit. I regret not having my hair done ..."
Argh! What is wrong with people? The only thing I hate worse than inarticulate negroes on TV is an articulate fool! All of you are familiar with my disdain for the word nigger and all of it's derivatives and the word articulate, but since he doesn't care that he's being offensive, neither do I. I wish somebody would tell that brother what time it is!
Also in this edition of celebrities gone wild - Da Brat has thrown "anuthatantrum"(like the wordplay on her name and her second album?) and this one got her arrested.
According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, my dream paper, the oh-so-funkdafied one was arrested in Tucker, Georgia for hitting a waitress with a rum bottle. According to a Dekalb County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman, Brat, whose government name is Shawtae Harris, got into a shoving match with the waitress and then hit the woman with a bottle that broke and caused "a deep laceration."
The charge is felony aggravated assault, because the bottle was the weapon. Under Georgia law, she is supposed to be held until her initial appearance which is supposed to be within 72 hours of her arrest. Since she was arrested early this morning, she'll have to be in court before the judges head home tomorrow.
This is the second time Brat has been in trouble in an Atlanta area club. For those of you familiar with the area, she was arrested in 2000 for an incident in Buckhead. Police say Brat pistol whipped a woman for sitting in the VIP area after she was told to leave.
The victim in that incident was cut on her face and had to get stitches. In that incident, Brat was charged with felony aggravated assault, but it was later reduced to misdemeanor reckless conduct in exchange for a guilty plea. Brat was ordered to serve 80 hours of community service, pay a $1,000 fine and serve a year of probation.
Now, maybe it's just me, but for future reference, if I am ever in the "A" and I find myself in an altercation with Da Brat, I am going to wear a catchers mask before I fight this chick. She is brutal - she's playing for keeps.
I just hate that every time those women look in the mirror, they are going to say to themselves, "man, I shoulda killed that heifer!"

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