Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm torn ...

... I mean, I used to be one of Dog Chapman's biggest fans, but I watched Larry King Live last night and I found the uncensored, unedited version of his rant with his son, who by the way taped him and sold it to the National Enquirer.
There is something to be said about the power of the spoken word. I sat there and I watched a man who was no doubt embarrassed. I'm just not sure if he is embarrassed that he said it or if he's embarrassed that he got caught.
I sat there and I watched him shed crocodile tears and bring on his "spiritual advisor" who is a black man to basically say, "he's not a racist." Dog is hell bent on convincing us all, himself included, that he is cool with black people. So cool in fact that he thought it was OK to say it.
I want to know what black person that he is so cool with told him that it would be OK for him to say it - repeatedly?
The man said the word "nigger" at least six times. I know black folks who say the word and don't use it that much in conversation. And, he called the girl a nigger. But, he's not racist, he was just angry.

The funniest thing about the whole situation to me was he said ignorance is the main reason that he used, not only that word, but other words, those with four letters, that people find offensive. He basically said that when he gets mad, he's too ignorant to come up with words other than profanity. But, as of last night, he was four days into not cursing. Pardon me, but whoop-de-damn-do.
So because you got caught using a word that a lot of your fans find offensive, you're sorry? He and Dr. Phil are very adamant about saying that this man has a 7th grade education and that he's ignorant. I say, so the freak what!!! The average 7th grader will tell you that the word is offensive.
I'm going to stick my toe over the ledge and say that his show shouldn't be cancelled, but I will say that I'm not going to watch it again. I can not, because I don't think I can watch that without thinking about how he's reacted. Granted it was a private conversation that should have never been made public, but my concern is how often he says it.
I just feel like he's sorry that he was caught.
Whoopi Goldberg made a great point on The View yesterday. They brought it up in the Hot Topics segment and Sherri Shepard shared how his comments really hurt her. Goldberg admitted that she's used a lot of less than kind words to describe people and the only reason nobody is offended is because they haven't heard her.
What's the moral of the story class? Don't use the offensive words that you don't want people to hear you say.
Again, it was a taped conversation, that occurred in April, that he didn't intend to be heard. But, the man admitted that his son and his girlfriend tried before to get him and his wife on tape saying something racist. Why in the name of Heaven and Hell would they not believe that he would tape the conversations they have on the phone? I'm sorry, nobody is that dumb.
Dog is not dumb. In fact, he's quite intelligent that's another thing that pisses me off about this situation. He's not so ignorant that he doesn't know the word is offensive.
Now the dude is saying he's got plans to participate in all these different forums and classes. I got a class or two I'd like to teach for him. The first is Vocabulary 101. The only texts required are a Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus.
These books will actually kills two birds with one stone. One, he will be able to look up the words he wants to use and then find a more suitable one to replace it. And two, it will make him think before he opens his mouth!
The second class will be one Racial Sensitivity, no number, it doesn't need one. That class doesn't require a number because it is only one class that everybody should take. The first lesson is nobody is better than anybody else because your skin has a certain hue.
People are people. Oddly enough, there have been studies conducted on the DNA of people of different races and nationalities and it has been found that we are all 99.9% the same. It is that .01% that makes us look the way we look i.e. color, features, etc.
Here's a little lesson for Dog and anyone else who is uneducated in World History, we all originate from the same people in Mesopotamia. That's in Africa, so guess what - we're all black!
Welcome to the family!
I know we don't look alike, but don't worry. You have to be patient. Global warming does have it's positive effects. If we don't soon get it under control, we'll all be the same complexion as Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth.


TH said...

Right on...I definitely don't think he's embarrassed for saying it. He's embarrassed for being heard and embarrassed that his show is shelved right now - not for poor ratings, but because he was caught saying "nigger."
And yes, you shouldn't say anything that you can't back up, should it go beyond your private conversation - especially when you make millions of dollars a year. Dog also did one of the biggest things that some white people tend to do when they're caught being racist - say they have one black friend. The only difference is that Dog brought his on Larry King Live.

M.Sea said...

I agree, Dog was wrong. Also, I think that African-Americans are going to have to quit saying that word. You have an interesting blog. I have one I mainly write about pop culture and my experiences acting in independent (low-budget) films in Memphis.

Smarty Jones said...

m.sea, I totally agree with you. We are going to have to stop saying it. It's so widespread now, there's almost no hope that we'll ever get a handle on it.
I say we all take a proactive approach and police ourselves and the people around us.
th, you are so right. you know the business we're in, a lot of people think that they are cool with black folks and we think they're complete asses.
I think we need a movement that informs people of other races that we are people just like them. Maybe we have a different way of doing things, but we still do the same things they do.
Who's with me?

Ebonne said...

Thanks for sharing that video of the view. I was familiar with the story but it was interesting getting their perspective.

We all have those hidden things in house that no one wants us to know about. For instance my great grandmother that is 90something years old says both cracker and nigger. When she sees a white or black person doing something ignorant on TV she says it.

I think we either need to re-define its new meaning and context in this stage of the game or just leave the word alone. Its just like that white teacher that was suspended last year for calling his black student a nigger, and he tried to defend himself to the media by saying he didnt call him a nigger, he called him a nigga. The teacher taught english and said the kids use the slang all the time and didnt feel anything was wrong with say "nigga"

Smarty Jones said...

And that's a problem. Anytime people can take a word that has been hurtful and derogatory and say that it is now a term of endearment, we seriously have a disconnect.
There are a bunch of people in my family and in my circle who still use the word.I cringe everytime I hear it, but at the same time, if I call someone a nigger, I mean to offend them. The problem is, people don't get offended unless it is coming from someone who doesn't look like them.
I say if you open it up, it's fair game. What's good for the goose is good for the gander right? So why get pissed when a white person says it?
I don't think it needs to be re-defined. I think people need to pick up a dictionary see the REAL definition. It won't make them stop using it, but hopefully it will piss them off enough to think before they say it.