Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Alright, settle in ...

... this could get long. There are a lot of things I'm pissed about and I have to say. So you have been forewarned, this entire post may be void of any logical transition.
First and foremost, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Kanye West in his time of grief. In case you've been living under a rock, Kanye's mom, Dr. Donda West, passed away Saturday night. To be completely clear about this, no one is sure of how she died. It has been reported that West had a couple of cosmetic procedures done and she died due to complications from the surgeries.
You read right, surgeries. According to a cosmetic surgeon who allegedly performed the procedures, West had a tummy tuck and a breast reduction. Dr. Jan Adams was quoted on http://www.tmz.com/ saying that her performed the surgeries but West may have died from a heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or massive vomiting.
Of course the doctor is saying that she could have died from any of those things because he has to do an effective job of C.Y.A. Since Adams has come forth saying he operated, another doctor, Andre Aboolian has come forward saying that he refused to operate on West until she got a clean bill of health. According to Aboolian, West had a pre-existing condition that could cause complications or death if he did the surgery.
I'm not knocking plastic surgery at all, but if a doctor tells you that you should not have it then don't. I'm not even speaking ill of West, but I know for a fact that the new doctor had to have performed the same examinations that the first one did and he had to have found the same thing(s).
I want to know where the dang medical board is to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Surgery is surgery, I don't care what you're going to have fixed. If it requires anesthesia there's always the off chance that you'll die, that's why they have you sign that crazy wavier.
I sincerely want them to get to the bottom of this because the bottom line is if the doctor operated on West and he shouldn't have, he should be charged with murder, because he knew the consequences.
Speaking of consequences, when are we going to get some for overzealous police officers, particularly those in New York? NYPD gunned down a teenager who was armed with - a hair brush.
According to police, they responded to a domestic disturbance call in BedStuy from the teen's mother and the dispatcher allegedly heard the boy say he had a gun. Police say the boy had a black object hidden under his shirt and refused to stop while approaching police. After the boy failed to stop, the officers then shot at the boy - 20 times. Doesn't this sound straight out of a 90s "hood" movie?
It was just a year ago that they shot Sean Bell. And please don't forget about how they shot Amadou Diallo for picking up a damned wallet. I swear man, they must be training them to shoot to kill at the academy.
I have a suggestion. I say they start treating those cops like Andy Taylor used to treat Barney Fife. You can have a gun, but you only get one bullet and you have to keep it in your shirt pocket. If you run into a real problem, call somebody with some damn sense!
Protect and serve my ass!
On top of that, this O.J. Simpson preliminary hearing has been dragging on for days. We all know they are going to hang him, they should just get it over with already.
This is a preliminary hearing, it's preliminary. That means that this ain't even the real trial here. Do you know what preliminary means? They are trying to see if this dude qualifies to be sent to the grand jury. Then they gotta do this crap all over again to see if he gets indicted.
I'm already tired. They need to just let everybody go home and send O.J. before the judge.
They got him all over the news stations sitting down in the defendants chair acting like he's reading over a document. That dude can't read! I was young but I remember those "leters" he used to write Nicole before she died.
That junk is for show. If you ask me, he is looking over coloring pages his lawyers downloaded from Nickelodeon.com. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with coloring, in fact, I enjoy it on occasion, but don't try to play me like that dude knows how to read and understand all that courtroom jargon.
Johnnie ain't here to break it down in a cute lil' rhyme for him, so they're having to have his hearing Sesame Street style and it's sponsored by the letter "I" for incarceration.
And another thing, how come O.J. don't have a baby sitter? Usually when those people who are mentally challenged grow up, they have to have someone living with them or live in a group home to ensure that they don't hurt themselves. Who is his social worker? Somebody needs to get fired.
And just so we can clear this up, I am not calling O.J. mentally challenged, I would never offend them that way. I'm saying this bama is retarded and he needs to be watched!

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