Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This will probably seem like a hodge podge ...

... but I am going to do my best to tie it all in together.
Jerry Lewis has found himself in an unusual predicament after he used the f- word during his annual Labor Day telethon.
He attempted to make a joke about the camera man saying, "you remember your son ... the illiterate fag."
You'd think that since Lewis is working in the "post-Grey's Anatomy" Hollywood would make some folks think harder before they actually spoke.
Now he's issued a statement saying, "I hold no prejudices in that regard." Well in what regard do you have prejudices? Maybe it's just me but I think Jerry is going a little cuckoo in his old age and next year's telethon should be for washed up, senile entertainers who don't think through their jokes.
And the next time he makes a reference to an illiterate fag, he should be talking about Sen. Larry Craig.
Speaking of that perv, now the word is he may not give up his seat in the Senate. Apparently, he is going to wait until the ethics investigation is over.
Maybe it's just me for the fact that he is being investigated for an ethics violation is enough to leave your job. Hopefully, he was voted into office because his constituents trusted him to be honest and to do what he was supposed to do.
We can't even trust this dude to tell the truth about picking up toilet paper in an airport bathroom, how can you trust him to be the legislator he is supposed to be?
Now I'm not saying he is gay, but nobody gets followed by the same rumor for 25 years. And to add injury to insult, this fool is saying that he pleaded guilty without consulting an attorney. Aren't the majority of his colleagues lawyers?
I say he needs to be thrown out of office because he can't even be honest with himself or his poor wife. If she has any sense, she'll file for divorce.
Speaking of divorce, Shaq has filed for divorce from his wife of almost five years, Shaunie.
According to the story in the local paper, Shaq wants to see a "correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities" that she had access to while they were married.
Is it just me or is he accusing his wife and the mother of four of his children of being a gold digger?
I don't know what is going on between the two of them, but for her sake, i hope my girl has kept a record of all the money she's spent, including groceries to feed him and those kids.
It is mighty funny to me that this is coming up right now. A couple of years back, Wendy Williams "outed" Shaq for having a mistress down in Texas that he was keeping up. I have heard anything else about it since, but I don't think it would be totally out of the question.
Either way, I hope she's got all her ducks in a row because since he is the one who filed for divorce, he will be the one who has to pay for it - literally. Imagine how much child support he will have to pay for those children and the amount of alimony that will have to be paid.
In the words of the late, great Gerald Levert, "She's taking everything, she's taking everything ..."


Ebonne said...

All Shaunie has is those kids... apparently she was stashing money away in overses accounts... and worst of all... she signed a pre-nup... so all she has keeping her rolling in the dough is those 4 kids because the pre-nup leaves her with just about nothing.

Smarty Jones said...

Wow, that sucks for her. I am going to need for these women (entertainers' wives) to have some kind of side hustle to pay their bills in the event that they split up.
Maybe it's just me, but my parents always taught me to never fully depend on anybody but God.