Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am so proud of my young folks ...

... I saw so many folks today, black and white, wearing all black in a silent protest of the unmerited jailing of six Louisiana teens.
I too am wearing all black today, but it was not until I checked my e-mail that I started having second thoughts about participating. As a journalist, I am supposed to be neutral about everything, be it politics, the justice system, anything that could be considered news.
When I chose this career, it never occurred to me that I would be giving up my constitutional right to have my own opinion. I love my job, but I love being able to speak my mind even more. So, even though I think wearing all black today has presented itself to be a conflict of interest, I am not going to change my clothes or change my opinion about what has been allowed to happen in Jena.
I have blogged about it, signed petitions and talk about this issue to anyone who will listen because I believe that this is wrong and the only way it will go away is if WE ALL participate in some kind of protest to announce to the Powers That Be that this is wrong and it needs to be changed.

*Since a lot of our Washington, D.C. politicians tend to favor country music, I hope this guy cuts a CD and a DVD of this performance and sends it to them all!*

I hope you guys who weren't able to make it to Jena wore your black, for those of you who didn't, I hope you called a congressman, the governor or signed a petition. Right now, this is not affected your family or anyone in your neighborhood, but what is to stop it?
I'll tell you what, action. Send the message to these folks that we're not going to take it anymore.

Will you participate?

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