Monday, September 10, 2007

I don't know about you guys ...

... but I am disgusted.
I'm disgusted with what gatekeepers are calling news. I'm disgusted with the MTV Video Music Awards. I'm disgusted with entertainers. I'm just disgusted!
I have been trying to stay off my soap box about the Jena 6 but the gatekeepers won't let me! Since my posting about the Louisiana group of teens on trial for some trumped up charges stemming from a high school fight, I have seen two "stories" on television that resemble coverage.
There was a piece done on CNN's "Out in the Open" and Star Jones Reynolds discussed the case on her show last week with one of the students and his lawyer. While this case can certainly use all the coverage it can get it deserves more than a three-minute summation on CNN and more than a five-minute spot on Jones Reynolds' goulash of a show on Court TV.
Meanwhile, national media outlets are a buzz with talk about Britney Spears' suck-tacular performance at the VMAs and I am still trying to figure out why everybody is so surprised.
We are talking about Britney Spears. Head shaving, rehab dodging, child-endangering Britney Spears who quite frankly CAN NOT sing! She's never been able to sing. Not on this single, the last CD, the one before that one, the one before that or the Mickey Mouse Club.
She's gotten by for so long because she has (bleached) blond hair, big doe eyes and she knows how to play a damsel in distress. And if ever there were a time where that dame was in distress, it is now.
She needs to take a permanent vacation, lay down about 16 bars of her airy vocals, let Pharell and Chad manufacture her a CD, take a couple of "Mommy & Me" classes and take her country behind home somewhere and sit it down!
MTV hyped up her opening of the show for weeks saying "You won't know what to expect!" And they were right. I would have expected her to come out, make out with Madonna again, dangle her baby over the side of the stage or even shock me and have a nice singing voice. But I never expected her to come out, look and sound horrible while lip syncing.
And when will entertainment reporters ever get tired of reporting on Kanye West's temper tantrums? The Louis Vuitton Don is pissed off again because he got snubbed at the VMAs.
According to the Associated Press, Kanye went off, to say the least, in a hallway full of *dadada* the media. The AP quoted him saying, "That's two years in a row, man ... give a black man a chance."
He was beat out last year at the European VMAs and he straight crashed the stage. Now, maybe it's just me, but if you notice, every time he goes on one of his lil' rampages it's around an album release date.
Now we all know that this damn near 30 year old man is a big baby, but nobody is really saying how smart he is. As of late, record companies haven't been spending a lot of money promoting CDs.
So what's the best way to promote new music? Make sure it's constantly in the media. How does he make sure that it is constantly in the media? He does whatever he needs to do to make an ass of himself so that every time he's mentioned, a reporter will say something about his new CD that's scheduled to drop on Sept. 11.
Don't believe me? Then why is it that 50 Cent only has beef with people when it's time for him to drop a CD? The last time, he was talking trash about my shero Oprah and Kanye. Now that he and Kanye are going to drop on the same day, he's beefing with Kanye again!
Look it up! He has to draw attention to himself to sell records. Now for those of you who know me, ya'll know I am not feeling 50 at all. "In the Club" was my joint for about five minutes and that was because of the beat.
I have a hard time liking or respecting anyone's music whose claim to fame is he was shot nine times and he's still living. You know what that tells me?
He either hired someone to shoot and not kill or whoever he had a beef with couldn't see worth a damn! And if the person he had beef with couldn't see who to shoot, then nobody should be hanging out with this dude because they are subject to catch a couple of bullets!
And this dude said that if Kanye outsells him, he will stop rapping. I personally challenge everyone who reads this to buy three or four of Kanye's "Graduation." Even if you throw them away, you can rest assured knowing that you have done your part in ridding the world of a nicely built, lock jawed rapper.
But even with all that, I am saying that I am disgusted and I want some REAL news. Is that too much to ask for?

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