Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I think it's time for some new black "leaders" ...

Is it just me or is it time for Al and Jesse to retire?
Don't get me wrong, I am glad they have joined the cause to free the Jena Six, but they are getting on my LAST nerve.
It seems like every time there is some sort of "racial injustice" these two opportunists want to jump on the bandwagon to yell about it. Nothing wrong with that, but what is wrong with being a quite leader who makes his point without being stuck up in front of the news cameras making an ASS of himself?
It seems to me that these two lay low until there is a really big issue that will get them national and sometimes international press. These two, from what I've heard and read, are very electrifying and in some cases powerful speakers who flat out, don't get a whole lot done.

Granted they are there to help motivate people to get things done but when are they going to stop the lip service and the empty rhetoric and use their influence to try and get some things changed.
In recent history, these two have jumped aboard some of the most talked about issues that involve the mistreatment and degradation of black folks. The two events that come to mind are the Duke Lacrosse case and the Don Imus incident.
Both were very hot button issues that needed to be handled but they both jumped the gun way too early. Though a lot of you may not agree with me, they should not have run off to Durham to indirectly force Mike Nifong into withholding evidence that would give those guys a chance to not have their names trampled on. And they should not have called for Imus' head in that whole debacle.
They used both of those situations and are using this one for their own personal gain and I can't stand it!!! Sure the names Sharpton and Jackson may call attention to a situation where it is needed, but it calls more attention to those two media whores who wouldn't know civil rights if they punched them in the face.
And since when did they organize this march? It is my understanding that the whole protest started because Michael Baisden said on his afternoon radio show that he was going to go down there and listeners started saying that they wanted to go too.
I am not even that fond of Baisden's show but I do have to give credit where it is due and he worked this protest out! Kudos, hats off, five on the black hand side and major props to Mr. Baisden.
Regardless of what you read or what you see on the news, Baisden was instrumental in getting this thing started and heard on a national scale. Before he started telling this story on his show, it was an underground issue that Louisiana officials were trying to keep under wraps. Thank God that he saw fit to give it some airtime and now these kids and their families have a shot at putting their lives back together and moving on from this. Be sure to wear your black tomorrow.



Ebonne said...

We most definately need new black leaders... and women... where are the women???

Smarty Jones said...

I know right? There should be some of us out there on the front lines behind this thing.

dara said...

i'm with you on needing new black leaders. actually, what we need is to start leading ourselves. it seems as if Sharpton and Jackson are just going through the motions...i guess because they're so used to doing this sort of thing, they don't know what else to do.

we need tech savvy, politically and internationally aware (and active), compassionate individuals to take us in a new direction. i'm a little tired with the "Reverends" speaking for us all.

by the way, i see that you're attending ConvergeSouth. hope to meet you there.

-Q. said...

Im feelin you with the new blackk leaders... Its time and there is a calling.. But how many of them are stepping up, showing up to those events right on queue. Ofcourse theres a little fan fare with Jesse and Big AL but that comes with the role. I always seen them for what they are, Black Advocates. Thats it. Their not politicians (we seen that through political efforts) and their not part of major organizations like NAACP. They are individuals who (I see) step up to help causes and bring light. As silly and irrelavant as they come off at times, they grab your attention. Attention sparks discussion. Discussion sparks change.. I think thats what they are here for.. No other black men/women command the platform they have when it comes to injustice and that should change. So if the mucked down Scurl and the Wavy Gravy Big Al is all we got, till the next brotha or sistah steps up boo.. What can we say. I'm personally happy that SOMEONE took the time to go down there.

Also all these black people in positions of influence and power, where are they? I see Aids campaigns, public service annpouncements, but not one touches base consistently and is a VOICE for Black people. Very feiw on a national scale- Tavis and Tom Joyner right of top then it gets blury. Great POST!