Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder ...

- Was it always cold on "Good Times?"

- Why did Thelma always whine?

- Exactly how many times did she get engaged?

- How come Willonia just walked in without knocking?

- Who left their door unlocked living in the Chicago projects?

- How come people never say "bye" when they hang up the phone on TV?

- Who picks the people to interview for these VH1 specials?

- How come I don't know half these so-called comedians and actors on "Ego Trippin's Black to the Future?"

- How do I become one of these random people on VH1?

- Speaking of random -ish on VH1, am I the only person who refused to watched the foolishness that was "For the Love of Ray J?"

- Who do I need to curse out and/or beat down over there to stop from putting that crap on the air?

- Why do people give a crap about these D-list celebrities finding "love?"

- Speaking of that damn word, why do you coupled off people want to set your single friends up with other single people?

- If you know both people well, shouldn't you know they're incompatible?

- Don't you think if we wanted to hook up with each other, we would have said something before?

- Why is the dating process so damn taxing?

- What is it about "you irritate the -ish outta me" that you don't understand?


- Do you ever see an odd-looking couple and wonder how in hell they met?

- Is it wrong that I give them names and back stories?

- Do you think I'll be caught doing it and forced to stop?

- I'm contemplating a week of silence, think I'll make it?

- I'm gonna do the 5K Walk for Lupus Now in the Queen City of Charlotte on Saturday. You guys wanna help me reach my fund raising goal? I know it's a recession and all, but I know you got $5. Click the link and help a chick meet her goal!


The F$%K it List said...

Now you know I love a random post! Too funny.

I set my single friends up all the time but after I make sure they have some chemistry. And I must admit I'm a master at it hehehe.

Week of Silence, I know two blogger/twitter frends that will keep talking to you haha.

The Jaded NYer said...

I never understood why they don't have real locks on doors in sitcoms... Like in Seinfeld & Friends. Um, hello??? Unlocked doors in NYC=home invasions, fools!! Can the property masters please just take two seconds to add locks to the doors?

Reality TV makes me proud to not have a television w/cable access at my place. I mean, it's much easier on the brain cells to just catch a few clips here and there online than to sit in front of the boob-tube and devote time to such nonsense!

A week of silence? The devil on my shoulder told the devil on your shoulder, "Yeah, right, whatever man..."

ShellyShell said...

It did seem like they were always bundled the hell up on Good Times!

I have friends that don't say bye in real life. They just say "alright" man that shyt irks the piss out of me!

Lawd, For the Love of Ray J is the worst. I watched 15 min of that shyt when he had a talent show for the girls. That shyt was a hot azz mess!

I don't try to set people up even if I think they'll be a good match. I'll just bring them both around and let them gravitate toward each other!